10 Ways To Get The Family Organized

Organization is always tough with one person, and that difficulty grows exponentially with the more people that are added into the group. Keeping the household organize with teenagers around is a herculean task indeed. Too much clutter leads to stress and anger. Fortunately, there are some ways to take care of the clutter and organize your house.

1. Have a plan

Everything starts with a plan. Before you can talk to other people about cleaning and organizing, you have to decide what you are aiming for. Do you want the entirety of your place to pass the ‘white glove’ test? Are you happy with the laundry picked up? Write everything down and use that as a preface for the family meetings that you have.

2. Family meetings

Communication is the key. Make the decision to have meetings about improving the organization within your household. All of you have busy lives and schedules, but there is always time to strengthen the family bond and talk about the frustrations that you’re feeling. Keep these meetings short, ask for suggestions and be encouraging. Try not to let the meetings last for any more than half an hour.

3. Keep a family calendar

Get a laminated wall calendar and put it in a prominent place. Use different colored dry erase markers for each individual in the household as you schedule soccer games, meetings and other events. Use a separate and distinct color for your home as a unit. Each member of the family will know what the other is doing, reducing conflict.

4. Attend to mail immediately

The mail should be taken care of right after you go to the mailbox. The junk mail gets thrown away immediately. Create a pile for bills that should be paid and one for necessary items that are not bills. Pay those bills at a single time during the month and put the other pile where it appropriately belongs.

5. Laundry

When doing laundry, go through the entire process of laundry. Wash it, dry it, fold it and put it away. Take the weekend to do this. This reduces the amount of clutter that will arise during the course of the week, and diminishes the use of the floor as a closet.

6. Make a game out of organization

Make chores into a game with Chore Wars, a game where you conquer chores and complete quests to gain experience points. Those experience points can be used to gain levels. This might entice everyone in the family to do some chores.

7. Behind the door shoe holders

Shoe holders have twenty or thirty pockets which hold far more than shoes. Put the small things like craft supplies behind the door so you no longer have to see them. This gets things off the floor and out of your way.

8. Reduce dishes

You might have amassed a large collection of dishes. Aim to have one set of dishes for each member of the household and one good set of dishes for company. Try the one load challenge and keep all of the daily dishes under one load in the dishwasher. The rest goes to your favorite charity.

9. Get into the habit of donation

Clutter is constantly forming in the corners of your house. Every month, take the time to bring your clutter to the local donation center like Goodwill. If you really needed those bookends, you can get them again. Look through all areas of the house.

10. Take care of it when you’re on a roll

Make sure that you do not stop before the job is completed. Many great ideas are stalled because exhaustion or distraction enters the picture. If you must pause during the middle of a job, place it as the priority on the next day’s agenda.

Chores don’t have to be a pain. You can make gradual steps toward an organized household by getting every family member’s involvement. Make it fun, and you will be rewarded with more effort. Good luck, and happy cleaning!


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