$100 a Day…in Pennies

Are You a Victim?

Back in 2000 just before I declared personal bankruptcy, I experienced some very aggressive creditors. I did my best to contact them; to explain my situation; to make alternative arrangements that we could both live with.

One creditor in particular was tired of waiting. Admittedly, I was chronically behind with this particular company, and now they were calling my loan. They were tired of my excuses. They were no longer willing to wait. They wanted to be paid in full… NOW! (The amount – $30,000)

I hated being in that place. I had no one to blame but myself. However, as most ‘victim-type’ people, I still saw THEM as the enemy. I used to fantasize about paying them off… in pennies! With utmost revenge in my heart, I visualized dumping a truckload of pennies into my collection agent’s office. “There’s your money, you miserable…” I would imagine myself saying as I watched with glee at her shocked and overwhelmed expression.

Is it any wonder why I went bankrupt?


Bankrupt In Every Way

At that same time, I was experiencing health and relationship challenges that would eventually lead me to chemo therapy and divorce respectively. I was really bankrupt in every way – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

For years leading up to this point I was constantly chasing the one big thing that would make me happy. I was looking for my $100 and the Universe was paying it to me in pennies. And just as I imagined the shock on my collection agent’s face, my own expression was truly unappreciative and most ungrateful.

  • I blew right past people who were smiling at me, as if they were invisible. I couldn’t stand their happiness. Pennies.
  • Compliments… “What, this old thing? You’re making fun of me now.” Pennies.
  • Whenever I got a greeting card for birthdays or holidays, I would read it, grunt and throw it away immediately, instead of basking in the loving intentions of the sender. “Pennies”, I thought. “I’ll only be happy when I get my $100.″
  • I was especially ungrateful when receiving gifts. I had no use for impractical things – knick-knacks and such. Clutter! What a waste of money. Immediately, into the trash they would go. Pennies.
  • The sound of children laughing and having fun… “Hey, be QUIET in there!” Pennies.
  • Invitations to dinner… “I’m busy that day.” “Well, what about another day.” “I’m busy THAT day too… hey, don’t you get it. I don’t want to go with you!” Pennies.
  • A thoughtful parent brought me a coffee one day. I refused it, pointing to my little coffee maker smugly saying, “I make my own.” I didn’t even say thank you for your thoughtfulness. Pennies.

The Universe was paying me $100 a day, every single day… in pennies. I continued to tell the Universe through my resentment that I would only accept a crisp, new $100 bill. I was calling my loan. Pay it all… NOW!

And just like in a bankruptcy, I got pennies on the dollar.


Accept Payments in ALL Denominations

Today when my family goes out for a walk together, we inevitably find some coins on the ground. Even if it’s only a penny, you might think we found a million dollars. I am learning how to transfer that feeling of excitement and gratitude to everything that happens to me in life. I realize that the Universe always has and always will pay me my $100 every single day… in pennies.

  • The sky was so blue last night on our walk. Pennies.
  • The air was warm and the soft breeze was refreshing. Pennies.
  • We discovered a new park in the woods where the little one could play. Maggie, and I chatted on the park bench, basking in the beautiful quiet surroundings. Pennies.
  • We all held hands on our walk. The feeling of love and closeness was euphoric. Pennies.

And that was just our walk.

No, we didn’t find any coins on the sidewalk last night. But we didn’t have to. There were ‘pennies’ everywhere.

Do the math… it takes 10,000 pennies to make $100. That’s 10,000 ways the Universe is delivering happiness every single day. You Gotta Love That Feeling!

P.S. FACT: $100 in pennies weighs 27.5 kg or 60.63 lbs. WOW!

P.P.S. Paying off that $30,000 loan would require 3 MILLION pennies; 8,250.5 kg or 18,189 lbs.

Russ Hamel

Love That Feeling