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  • Monthly Archives: December 2009

    You Can Do Anything

    The next time you have a decision to make and you feel that you have no choice, give yourself a chance. An adversity is an opportunity to enrich your life with the use of your mind and imagination, stretch your creative muscles. You can do anything!

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    Removing Doubt – Part One

    Why do we have such difficulty making up our minds, and why are we reluctant to take action toward what we want? During a process of elimination, we use a line of reasoning that I call “I do, but I don’t thinking”.

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    Why Do We Resist Change?

    Doing what we “should” comes naturally – it is an innate skill. We consistently distinguish what we want, and what we like. Why is a change something we fear? Why do we resist doing what we “should,” often putting off what we want? We often resist change, in order to evade our feelings – to avoid risking anxiety, fear, guilt, insecurity, etc. Each change, every new idea, contains unknown variables, and it takes courage to risk doing something new. What gets in our way of realizing our dreams then? Why are we reluctant to take a chance and go after what we want?

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    Experience is not What Happens to You

    What are we really learning from the things that happen to us and the so called mistakes we make? We can learn from both, the good and the bad things that happen in our lives, but I believe there are reasons why things happen – there are no mistakes, but an opportunity to learn.


    India: The Hole in the Wall

    I find this fascinating! He tells about how he experimented with children and computers, by placing the computer in a hole in a wall, and then watched to see what happened. There is an eight minute PBS video on this too.

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    Enhanced Self-Esteem

    Using the concept here, you could become gradually self-assured, and shift your outlook on life. The more you do what you “should,” the more confident, motivated, and secure you will become. By using direction from the subconscious mind you will accomplish with less time. In addition, you may discover skills that went unnoticed before. You may begin to believe that you can do anything that you set your mind on.

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    On the Paradox of Choice

    This is great insight into what is happening in our world and lives today and why we have trouble at times, making up our minds! Barry Schwartz tells how the decisions we make are difficult, because we have too many options.

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    Ass U Me

    My mother-in-law used to say, “Assume makes an ass of u and me”. Oh how true that is! Assumptions not only cause us embarrassment, but they can also create a train of thought that engages our imagination.

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    Do Schools Kill Creativity?

    This video offers great insight into the mind of a child and the innate creativity in us all. I especially liked his account of the young girl sketching a picture of God. The girl’s response to her teacher is characteristic of a young mind – out of the mouths of babes!

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    Our Greatest Quality, Misunderstood

    What is your greatest strength? Our greatest strength can cause significant heartaches. We all share the same qualities, but there is one predominate quality in each of us.

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