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  • Monthly Archives: February 2010

    You are Entitled to Anything You Set Your Mind On

    Have you ever heard the expression? To get wherever you are going, you have to know where you are coming from. Your subconscious mind recognizes where you are coming from, and it offers divine guidance to get you where you want to go.

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    Exercising Self Control

    Do the words, “I should have” always represent regret? Occasionally, the words,”I should have,” can express fulfillment. We feel worthwhile when we accomplish what we want. Consider this statement; “Wow I should have changed jobs a long time ago!” Generally, when we tell ourselves “I should have”, it is the result of failing to follow through.

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    Telling People What We Want Motivates Them

    Why is telling other people what you want, important? When we tell others what we want, they visualize clearly. In general, people are reluctant to ask questions that will clarify their thinking, so when we speak about what we want, they are receptive. On the other hand, if we tell others what we don’t want they are left to assume what we do want. People are disinterested in what other people don’t want, and they hesitate to listen to people who express this. Furthermore, they are reluctant to give you information that can be useful to you.


    We are Grateful When We Think about What We Want

    Each time you look at what you want from life, you will experience a sense of gratitude for that which you already have. We are grateful when we get what we need and usually appreciate it when we receive what we want. However, you may not have recognized that when you look at what you “don’t want” from life that you experience the effect of negative thinking, which is the cause of undesired feelings. Regardless of what it is that you “don’t want”, each time you think about it, you close off a tiny portion of your heart. Thus, the emotions that you desire cannot enter. When this happens, your mind loses its clarity.

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    It is Easy to Say What Another Should or Shouldn’t Do

    It is casual to think that someone else should or shouldn’t do something and completely overlook our own double standards in the process. For example, someone may ruminate that people shouldn’t litter, as they overlook some trash in a parking lot. This person may even think that the store “should” clean up the parking lot. This type of thinking, can leave us feeling terrible about ourselves.

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    The Wonders of Childlike Curiosity

    One of the best things you can do for yourself and others is to pursue your curiosity. We are born with a natural motive to explore our world, and it is, through innate wonder that we learn. Daily, we hear ourselves think, “I wonder…” How many times do we pursue the questions that float across our minds? Why do we wonder so often?

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    The Law of Attraction and How You Can Work for You

    In the book, “The Secret” the Authors tell us a lot about what they call the “Law of Attraction”. The law of attraction or whatever you want to call it does work, but only if you take action. They tell us in the book that action may be required and that the way will reveal itself. So how do we take advantage of their idea?

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    Removing Doubt – Part Two

    We wanted to tear out a wall and some closets between two bedrooms and turn the space into an office. Each time that I thought about doing it, I thought, “we should”. However, added to that, thought was – but I don’t want the mess. The conception of the disorder quickly turned my thinking toward a different direction, from “we should” to “we shouldn’t”.

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    What is it That the Self-Help Guru is Saying?

    Many of the great books available today provide insight. The majority of these books tell us how to improve our lives by doing what we “should”. Most of the self-help books include positive thinking; focusing on what you want, and tell us to be less resistant. Others suggest how to set goals, eliminate negative thinking, and affirm or change our beliefs.

    There is a growing number of Life Coaches and Motivational Speakers that receive pay to tell us what we “should” do to boost our productivity. While many are telling us, what we “should” do, just as many are telling us what we “shouldn’t” do. The recurring theme throughout the books and videos seems to be; cut out the use of the words, I should; I must; I have to. I have read hundreds of books and concluded that they are all presenting the same idea – the meaning is, “Do what you should.”

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    What We Tell Ourselves Matters

    The most important person that you will ever talk with is you. What you tell yourself repeatedly will seep into your subconscious and affect your life! Saying something with certainty or powerful emotion will equally affect you. Consequently, it is essential that you pay close attention to what you tell yourself.

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