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  • Monthly Archives: March 2010

    How to Help Children Overcome Shyness

    When my children were young, they disliked talking on the telephone. They seemed particularly shy when it came to conversing with adults or people they did not know. Although, I taught my kids, as we must, not to talk to strangers, this teaching resulted in them hesitating later in life. The kids were almost afraid to approach people, and they nearly refused to engage in a conversation with strangers.


    Why Write Ezine Articles?

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    How to Refrain From Judgment

    There is a line between observation and judgment. We observe using our five senses; sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. What helps us cross that line from observation to judgment? Our thoughts; how we think gets us into trouble. What we think is our observation and how we think concerning the said observation is our judgment. Each time we cross that line, we feel the measure of our thoughts, and we experience our own judgment. Because our thoughts energize, we increase them rapidly every time we judge another as wrong, stupid, bad, etc. Then, our negative feelings of judgment pull more like thoughts into our minds, stimulating our five senses further.

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    Let the Chips Fall Where They May

    Habits from our childhood are within our control, if we can recognize what they are. As children, we are controlled and taught to meet expectations, and we develop thinking that we use later. When we want one thing and expect to get something else, we begin an inner dialog, to manipulate ourselves in an attempt to control outcomes. Have you ever noticed that, for the most part, people meet your expectations?

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    Follow Your Heart

    During a time in my life, when I really needed some good advice, a friend offered me these words, “Follow your heart.” Using what was left of my mind and searching through my broken heart; I tried to fathom his meaning. His advice sounded flippant in every sense of the word! It was years later, after many life-altering decisions, that I understood his advice. After years of praying, soul-searching and reading self-help books, written by some of the greatest minds, I had an epiphany.

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    Your Subconscious Mind Encourages You

    Every dream you have dreamed, every experience you have had, and all the thoughts you have ever conceived, are in your subconscious, waiting to come forth. Our experiences throughout life, as well as our conscious thoughts, program our subconscious mind. It has supported us throughout childhood and is still working strong today. Your subconscious mind encourages you by suggesting what you “should” do – it offers direction.

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    You Know More Than You Realize

    Using your imagination to take in the facts is really a matter of considering or reflecting. You know more than you probably give yourself credit for, and tapping into this knowledge can raise your confidence. Many people tell themselves that they are stupid and convince themselves that they know little. With some thought, you will discover that you are smarter than you realize, and that you can expand what you currently know.

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    How Do You Think of That?

    In the 1980’s I learned more than I can attest to here. I learned numerous things while raising my children. Each child had a unique way of teaching. Brandi liked the expression, “How do you think of that?” Every time she did something that, she was proud of; she would smile and say, “How do you think of that, momma!” My son tried to correct Brandi, telling her that the expression is what you think of that. She argued that he was wrong, “What do you think of that, doesn’t make sense!”


    How Do Desires Develop?

    What happens when our needs go unaligned with the things we want? Do we put what we want ahead of what we need? When our needs are in line with our wants, we develop a desire. However, when we need something, like a new water heater, but we want to spend our money on a new T.V instead, where is our desire? Frequently, we venture to need what we want and this causes a conflict in our mind, and we end up with an adversity.

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    Brandi Sent Me Birthday Flowers

    The other day a UPS man knocked on my door and delivered birthday flowers to me from my daughter Brandi! Thanks for remembering me on my special day Brandi and making it a pleasure to grow older. The moment I saw the Big Green Box…I knew you were thinking of me. My heart shines with joy each time I think of you. :)

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