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  • Monthly Archives: May 2010

    What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

    The doctor diagnosed our granddaughter, Sara, as having “Sensory Integration Dysfunction”. She is almost two years old now and the diagnoses came a few months ago. Our daughter seemed relieved to know what was wrong with her baby – she just did not seem to excel. Kelly tormented herself with all the things she was doing wrong and blamed herself. Sara seemed to learn slowly, and she was emotionally upset a lot, and easily. The frustrations for them both caused heartache and stress.


    We Can Allow Everyone Their Own Principles

    Growing up my mother did her best to help me understand principles and morals. She guided me in the fundamentals, like how essential it is to tell the truth. She insisted it was very important to show up on time or better yet early for appointments. As I matured, I created my own set of standards by which we live, adding to the ideals she impressed upon me. We all have a moral code or a set of standards that we live by, that we frequently try to impose on others.

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    Imagine the Difference You Can Make

    We enjoy doing things that others may notice, without knowing who is noticing. One day we saw that one of our neighbor’s cows was coming out into another neighbor’s hayfield. Mark jumped on a horse and herded the cows back through their escape spot as I collected tools to fix the fence. As we repaired the fence, it was rewarding to know we were helping both neighbors, without desiring recognition. It did not matter if they recognized what or who accomplished this. We cannot know if anyone noticed the repair job, but we are certain that someone is thankful. You see, we took action for us!

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    When is Sarcasm Not Funny?

    Do you know many people who make use of sarcasm routinely? Sarcasm is quick to offend. We can try ignoring it, but this is ultimately not an answer. What I have observed about people who routinely use sarcasm is that they are easily upset and quick to defend themselves. We all use sarcasm on occasion, in an attempt to be witty perhaps. Mainly, it is to cover vulnerabilities and anger or to reveal irritations.


    The Mind is a Phenomenal Part of Us

    Beliefs develop over time and throughout our lives, we add one after another. Sometimes we attempt to adopt the beliefs of others in our search for meaning. Our thinking leads to an intellectual knowing and then soon we believe. The trouble with trying to take on what other people make sound, logical and reasonable is that we must develop our own in-depth belief. This happens with religion and ideas like, The Law of Attraction. Without adding our own thought and creating a knowing, we cannot truly believe what we claim to understand.

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    WordPress and Plugins

    As a new blogger, I was intimidated and admittedly a little afraid that learning to use the manager would prove difficult. My daughter, Brandi, set out to find the best tool for the job though, and we chose WordPress. What a wonderful choice! This publishing tool is simple for even me. Before long, I learned how to upload and install the many cool features and became confident.


    Are You Looking Outside Yourself?

    Have you discovered the way we search for stuff, with which to displease ourselves? It may appear as though we look for things that aggravate us. However, many times we do the exact opposite! Whenever something is on your mind that is unsettling, you may contribute it to something outside yourself.

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    Prescriptions for Happiness Conclusion

    Copyright Statement from the Author

    Anyone on the planet may reproduce this book in whole or in part without permission. Acknowledgment in the following form will be appreciated:

    Reprinted from Prescriptions for Happiness
    by Ken Keyes, Jr.
    Love Line Books
    Coos Bay, OR 97420


    Conclusion from the Author

    So now you’ve got all three Prescriptions for Happiness:

    • Ask for what you want – but don’t demand it.
    • Accept whatever happens – for now.
    • Turn up your love – even if you don’t get what you want.


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