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  • Monthly Archives: June 2010

    Enhance Your Recognition Skills – Study

    Learning to be objective is one of the biggest challenges we face while improving our lives. We have unwittingly programmed our minds with so much negative thinking that becoming less subjective is difficult. Becoming open minded to other ideas, cultures and religions is important. To me, this has proven quite useful, in helping me overcome my shallow thinking and preconceived notions. On some level, I think we live a sheltered life, while utilizing our defense mechanism of survival. The turmoil that can result in narrow views of the world is incredible!


    Manipulation – Where Does It Begin and End?

    Early in my own self-help, I learned about manipulation and the issues surrounding it. I nearly drove myself crazy spotting it every place I turned. Marketers have mind use down to an art or a science. The one thing I have come to believe about manipulation is that another person cannot handle you, unless you are unaware. Thoughts engage feelings. Therefore, we really manipulate ourselves! A marketer’s goal is to get you thinking and trigger your emotions of insecurity. Ads are not the only place mind control thrives.


    What is Your Outlook Concerning the Word “Should”?

    Some people are still convinced that the words: should, must, have to, and need to, cause us problems. I think these words are ordinary words. Our reaction to them depends on our frame of mind. Our outlook can be that the word “should” is a word that motives us to feel lazy, guilty or damned. Alternatively, we can recognize the word as one that helps us to achieve what we desire to accomplish and allow it to help us. If we want something, we automatically detect (think) that we should do something; the word prompts us to take action.

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    We Learn Through the Use of Consequences

    Life is a wonderful adventure that propels us through many steps of growth, and as we grow, we become intuitive. We begin to fathom life because of natural and imposed consequences. Falling as a tot, we learn from that, and as an older child, we find out that if we crash our bike it hurts. Our sense builds slowly as we grow and learn. With ample skinned knees and broken bones, we begin to understand that we are vulnerable to our misjudgments. As adults, we may learn from the significance of having our electricity shut off, because we failed to pay our power bill. Is this an intuition?

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    Positive Thinking and Modified Ideas – Pros and Cons

    There are so many ideas in the world today designed to help us reach our full potential. There are suggestions on, positive thinking, minimal living, finding our purpose, forgiveness, living in the moment and more complex ideas like The Law of Attraction. Each of the mentioned ideas above has merit and value, maybe you can think of more. They are ideas that can help us improve our overall self-esteem and use our minds effectively. These ideas have certain tools or techniques presented with them to maximize the impact on your life. The Law of Attraction is almost a holistic approach, containing many of them.


    How Good Are You with Questions?

    Have you ever noted the way people avoid answering questions? It seems to me that asking questions may have gone by the wayside partly because we cannot get a direct answer, so why bother. How often do you ask a question that needs simply a yes or no response, only to hear excuses? It seems that if someone cannot commit to a response that he or she somehow feels the need to justify the answer in advance. Sometimes the person thinks they have replied to the question, even though they evaded it. Inquiries are such a huge part of life. If we are in the habit of evading them with others, we may avoid solving helpful questions that we ask of ourselves.


    Shared Ideas and the Internet

    Tonight I read a post on The Rat Race Trap that so thoroughly occupied my thinking that I had to begin a post of my own! It is interesting the way we take in knowledge and feed one another with concepts and theories. Stephen’s article, well studied and finely written, is about the internet and the way it is affecting our brain. As he pointed out the internet packed with input and diversions can pose many problems. Between the diversions and the bits and pieces of data, it may be difficult for our minds to absorb efficiently. You have to read his post “Your Brain On the Internet”.


    Garage Sales – Do You or Don’t You?

    I must confess I enjoy going to yard sales or garage sales, there is more to them than meets the eye. My mom, on the other hand, cannot tolerate the idea of going to yard sales. My son perceives these sales as a complete waste of time! I cannot determine which I like better, going to yard sales or having my own. As the saying goes, “one man’s junk, is another man’s treasure.” There is something entertaining about having strangers come to your house to hand you money! I think most people can understand the value in purchasing used items at a low price.

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    Children Delight in Simple Pleasures

    Children are so cool how they live in the moment and create an adventure out of the simple pleasures. Our grandson, Noah, sat and played computer games with me a couple of weeks ago. He picked up the headphones and became an airline pilot right before my eyes. Then he changed his accent to his pseudo Italian and began taking a pizza order in his pizzeria. The next thing I knew he was saying attention Walmart Shoppers… Yep Noah really got on a roll once his equipment was in place. He had everything he needed, a $12.00 headset and an imagination that transported him from one reality to another! “I love the headphones, grandma, they are cool!” he says.


    What Motivates You to Take Action?

    What prompts you to take action? Many of us seem to delay taking action until forced by outside circumstance. The natural outcome of procrastination is a hardship. I think we learn to postpone when we are growing up. Our parents literally have to force us to accomplish things that we do not want to do. Actions like cleaning our room, brushing our teeth, or sharing our toys are good examples. Of course, we need to learn to do these things, but we may forget or wait until the parent controls the action. The parent may even have to impose consequences in order to motivate us in the right direction.