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  • Monthly Archives: July 2010

    Develop the Need to Succeed

    I have always been an enthusiastic person, and you could say that I am easily excited. Setting goals is something I never quite understood, but I am learning. This month I set out to accomplish all my summer jobs and did some thinking as I worked. Many of the tasks that I had to do were hard physical labor, in fact, all of them were! I wondered how I could have accomplished them without formulating a goal. The thing is I did have a goal, to tackle the jobs! Without recognizing it, I had set out to complete what I wanted and needed to, developing a true desire. I created an actual need to succeed!


    How do you define the difference in living and existing?

    I spent the greater part of my life merely existing, and was completely unaware. Sure I had agreeable times and bad ones, but I was not really living. I thought that to live meant to survive and this is far from living. In my mid-thirties, I recognized that I was neglecting to celebrate and experiment with new things. I learned that living means encountering a wide variety of feelings, rather than avoiding them. It is being in-tune with the world around you. It is when you understand yourself and other people. It is when you can listen with sincerity and respond to another authentically. Living is nature relating to you, and you, understanding in return. This is what makes me feel alive!


    Use Independent Thinking While Learning

    This may seem irregular to some of you, but I am enthusiastic about sharing it anyway. My mother never attended any church while we were growing up. She raised us with little structure, especially in the spiritual sense. Mom always told us we could go to whatever church we wanted to. I attended various churches as a guest of friends. For some reason, my friends went to different churches so the diversity for me was huge. I learned with interest about the many churches I attended, some nourishing concepts and some ideas seemed weird to my logic. With each religion, I took away from it what I thought useful and left the other stuff behind.

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    Working for Nothing is Its Own Reward

    While growing up, I learned to work free; I received no compensation for chores I performed around the house. Being the only girl of five children, I benefited my single parent mom. I remember pretending that I worked for a wealthy woman as I shuffled through the many tasks. This made the labor a pleasure and somewhat rewarding. I learned to work free. There is a value in working without pay as a youngster, as it aids you in becoming a willing adult. I still work free while maintaining our home, yard and helping with the horses. I additionally taught my children to work for the fruits of their labors.


    Inspiring Minds are Connecting While Using the Internet!

    Inspiring minds are connecting while using the internet! Many self-development sites and blogs are popping up rapidly. A site placed on the web with the hope of making the world a place of peace is indispensable. It is deeply moving to see the great ideas and the many nations that have joined. Millions of people support and encourage one another as they learn and grow together. It soothes the heart to see so many minds and hearts gather for one purpose, to help one another. The sites vary on the topic and offer a wide variety of information, for different learning levels.

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    I Wish I Could Have Discovered the Fine Lines in Living Sooner

    I wish I could have recognized that there was a fine line in everything, sooner. Each aspect of our lives has a distinction that allows us to learn. There is a definite difference in observation and judgment, stubbornness and determination, helping and enabling, etc. This defining contrast, affect our outlook, behavior and actions. In addition, the choices we make in life largely determine how we perceive these fine lines. Understanding where the lines are is helping me in my discipline and attitude, toward myself and other people. It can take many years of reflective thought to discover where that line exists. Each person has different personal boundaries that once crossed causes confusion and chaos.


    Happy 4th of July – Celebrate Our Dependence Too

    Sometimes we can feel disconnected from the world and other people. When I feel this way, I stop and reflect on my life and the Universe. Feeling less than grateful, I forget somehow that we are all connected and associated. At anytime I start feeling too proud, I remember the people who contribute to my life and well-being. I have read a lot concerning the ego, but I try not to get into the issue on a deep level. I do know though that there is something humbling in reflecting on what makes the world go around.


    I Am Following the 90-Day Mind Adventure

    I am following Roger Pascal’s 90-Day Mind Adventure on Rob White’s Website, Mind Adventure. Rob presented an idea that is so simple that it answered many questions for me. Several years ago, some friends and I were discussing the contrasts in the brain and the mind. This is a tough distinction to make. We discussed how the brain is like our computer, and the mind is something very different. We never really came to any definitive answers during our fun exchange of ideas. Rob mentioned that our minds are a collection of thoughts! I like the simplicity of this idea, because it helps me gain a perspective.

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    Automatic Processing – Is it on Your Mind, Or is Your Mind on It?

    This could turn out to be one of my lamest posts ever, but I am writing it anyhow. Many of you know by now that I like to find the finer details in subjects by what you might call, “splitting hairs.” There are delicate differences in the way we perceive our universe and the words we use. Think about it for a moment. Is there a discrepancy in declaring that you are mad and stating that you are frustrated or angry? The suggestions we feed our mind engage our imagination. Perhaps it is reasonable to say we are mad rather than expressing our true feelings. Maybe it does not really make that much difference in the way we process, but who knows.


    The Secrets of the Elderly – Hidden or Revealed

    While working at the second-hand store I became acquainted with many of the elderly people. These people are stunning when you take the time to speak with them, and enjoy their company. I like visiting the retirement homes sometimes, although it has been a while, since I have. My mother is a nurse working in a retirement home. I have gone to pick her up and marveled at the knowledge that shines through the residents. You can tell when you engage persons in between the ages of 68 and 100 that they are surely packed with the wisdom of living!