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  • Monthly Archives: January 2011

    Emotions and Solutions Are One of the Grand Enigmas of Living!

    Our vulnerabilities to life are what make us loving and give us the room to be in tune. It is because, of our vulnerabilities, rather than in spite of them that we are worthwhile to the World! Without emotions, we formulate havoc and are in danger of confusion. On the other hand, we can become leery we are unarmed in spite of our adjustments. When this happens, we end up doing what we imagine other people shouldn’t do.

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    Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say, Because You Do Anyway

    Many of us have heard that thinking negative is destructive and try as we might we find it difficult to change. We say things that we really do not mean, and we phrase things in ways that can cause us further emotional damage. Words are what form our lives and our minds, shaping our outlook. We often say one thing while meaning something else! Statements like “I hate it when people are late for appointments” for example. We know that we mean that we become discouraged when someone else fails to meet our expectations. We feel frustrated while waiting for people who cannot seem to keep their word. We may even worry that something has happened, causing us to fear the unknown. Even so, by phrasing our thoughts one-way while meaning something else it is unproductive and even destructive.

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    Your Intentions Prompt You into Action

    The Law of Attraction works primarily through our needs and the things we want. This mystical law brings into our lives our heart’s desire, which is what we experience when we align our needs and wants. Without the alignment, what we don’t want or what we dislike heads in our direction.

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    Inspire Your Child’s Thinking Process by Giving Choices

    We all have issues in our lives where we feel controlled by various people who can leave us feeling helpless. Employers and other authority figures provide us with policies and rules to help things runs smoothly. Fairness and efficiency are of course the goal when it comes to these, as well as, safety. With all the rules and regulations in our lives, we can become a little resentful and even rebellious at times. Other people’s expectations, combined with a desire to see us all succeed can enable us to do just that. On the other hand, it can leave us feeling as if we have no choice but to conform and people please. Exposed to outer control and manipulation throughout our lives, beginning with childhood can leave us with low self-worth. Parents and those who love us, concerned with our well-being and growth often forget that we are free thinkers!

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    Opportunities Enter Our Lives Daily, and We Miss Them

    Opportunities are something that enters our lives daily, and we may fail to recognize most of them. The way that the Law of Attraction works is mystical and often overlooked. It primarily works with our heart’s desire (our needs aligned with what we want). Some opportunities come from a hunch (intuition), and some come to us as ideas. The majority of opportunities have work involved in them, and we may not always feel like applying ourselves. Most of them require decisions and the fear of making a mistake can stop us in our progress. Taking action toward what the world brings into our lives is something that many of us fail to do (at least consistently). When we focus on what we want, we begin a cycle of events, and each decision leads to another. Most opportunities are small, and we may need to take action toward a string of them, to see the grand outcome. One missed opportunity or denied action can compromise or delay the outcome. In addition, the things we dislike causing us to hesitate often leave us feeling that the risk is too large.

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