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  • Monthly Archives: June 2011

    What We Hope to Avoid Can Undermine Our Intentions

    Tweet A short time ago, I wrote an article about the difference between goals and intentions. Goals add a value to our lives and motivate us to improve our overall situations. Intentions, on the other hand, enable us to take vital action toward what we hope to accomplish. Too frequently, goals are set in place

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    Everything is Not Always About You

    Tweet Do you find yourself disturbed by what other people think, say or do? Are you exasperated by the way that people seem to treat you? Does it seem like your life is outside of your control, more often than you would like? It could be that you suffer from the need to control or

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    Develop the Mind of A Millionaire

    Tweet I have known several Millionaires in my time, and they had various traits in common. Now you could assume that I am going to relate to you that they were positive thinkers and in some ways, they were. However, these men had more than that going for them. Some were educated and others had

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    Positive Thinking Can Head Off Adversity

    Tweet The experts tell us that positive thinking is required if we want to succeed in any task. They also imply that negative thinking brings adversity into our lives. Injuries in the workplace occur most to those who dislike their jobs. These people are also inclined to become sick more often than their co-workers do.

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