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Our Mission

Bright Blog AwardTo award blogs that are well written, informative and designed nicely. We are looking for personal blogs that provide information on self-improvement, but a good how-to blog will be considered for our award. If you have a blog that has tons of ads or underlined ad links you need not apply. Blogs are a great way to generate income. However, we are looking for blogs that people put their heart and soul into with the purpose of sharing. Personal stuff is what blogs are all about, but a blog that is concentrated on your pets or kids, will be disqualified. We want you to teach us something or give us food for thought.



  • Fast loading
  • Few spelling errors
  • Non-Commercial Blogs Only
  • Good use of grammar and punctuation
  • Blogs must have a Privacy Policy or Terms of Use
  • Long scrolling pages will effect your navigation score
  • Must contain recent entries (effects content scoring)
  • External links opening in the same window effects navigation score



  • 1-30 points for content
  • 1-20 points for design
  • 1-10 points for grammar
  • 1-30 points for navigation
  • 1-10 points for spelling

To win our award your blog needs to score minimum 85/100 points. This is an award that must be earned. Many award programs have different award levels; merit, bronze, silver, and gold, etc. We only have one award level, so you can consider it Gold. Winners of our award will be entered on our winner’s page. A link back to This Should Help is not a requirement, but it is appreciated.


Blog Evaluator

Apex MemberSandra Hendricks directed Advocacy Awards in the year 2000. Advocacy Awards was aspired by a spirited young girl with a passion for expressing her knowledge and insight of the Award Sites! ratings. Brandi spent many hours doing research and finding the informed experts. Armed with this information, she explained to Sandra what it took to have a quality award program. Sandra became serious and began to visit the Award Sites! forum, joined APEX, and read all the articles, she could find. She looked to the experts of 5.0 rated award programs for guidance and training. Sandra also evaluated for two of the top rated award programs in the year 2000.


Award Designer

Jenny AKA MOON LADYA HUG and Thank You goes out to Jenny AKA MOON LADY for designing our Bright Blog Award graphic! Her website, is a must see, as her talent exudes throughout her pages.

Jenny is a former journalist and writer, living in Linz at the Danube River in Austria/Europe. Age seventy now she worked during winter months as a ski instructor. Jenny’s interests include; Web Design, graphics and her Award Program, MOND AWARD. She loves books, classical music and the mountains.



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