Bright Blog Award Winners

Bright Blog AwardBlogs that win our award stand out as the sharpest of personal blogs. Winners of this award, maintain blogs that meet or exceed our criteria. Their blog has ease of navigation, and meaning, supported by the winner’s heart and soul. If you see the Bright Blog Award on a blog, take a glance at the writer’s perception, you’ll be delighted. We encourage you to visit the winning blogs, and see what the writer offers that enabled them to earn our award.


Congratulations to Our Winners


Love That Feeling

Love That Feeling – Russ Hamel entertains you with his unique writing style as he offers his thoughts and ideas. He truly gives his visitors something to consider, as he inspires the reader. The pleasant design, with its ease of navigation, allow the reader to sit back and enjoy his insight. Russ shares his ever growing wisdom openly, providing a learning experience for those who visit.


Give My Life Meaning
Give My Life Meaning – Dominic Ward offers thought provoking ideas to give your life meaning. The new design is pleasant and simple, which is what a blog like this needs. On his blog, Dominic shares his observations with you freely and openly, providing an eye opening experience for those who visit.



Maria – Maria Muir provides her readers with a pleasant experience as she inspires with food for thought. A simple design that doesn’t distract the reader – perfect blog community. Maria has meaningful poetry that touches the heart. This blog is well deserving of many awards, congratulations Maria!


Award History

Love That FeelingMore than ten years ago was the beginning of web awards and the idea began to spread. When and where the first web award was conferred will probably be a secret for every time. At the latest in the years 1997/98 the phenomenon web award was noticed by the internet-public. – Read More