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    Develop the Mind of A Millionaire

    Tweet I have known several Millionaires in my time, and they had various traits in common. Now you could assume that I am going to relate to you that they were positive thinkers and in some ways, they were. However, these men had more than that going for them. Some were educated and others had

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    Lifestyle Changes Can Have a Lasting Effect On Us

    Lifestyle changes can have a lasting effect on us, and change is one of the things we seem to encounter the most. The initial change we experience is our birth into this universe and from there we go through various cycles. As children, we seem to flourish on change as we investigate our world. As we age and become settled down emotionally, we tend to desire details to remain the same. We discover a comfort zone that is loaded with voids, and we set out to determine what is missing in our lives. With each change, we learn and grow, discovering who we are and what we need. We bring about some changes, and some seem to come our way without our agreement. The latter changes we conceive are the most discouraging, but the lifestyle change itself is what affects us.

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    Technology and the Brave New World

    There are many changes happening in the world today. Each day technology moves forward in an attempt to improve the quality of life or even to undo previous damage to the planet. It seems that we spend the majority of our time trying to fix what is wrong in the world, rather than seeing what is right. With our fixation on correcting or regaining lost control, our outlook takes on a distortion. It is all too easy to think that everything is important in your life and lose sight of what really matters to you. The only thing that really changes in this world is your mind, and this is the key to improvement. As your outlook changes so, does your inner guidance and with this change your values become clear.

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    Your Intentions Prompt You into Action

    The Law of Attraction works primarily through our needs and the things we want. This mystical law brings into our lives our heart’s desire, which is what we experience when we align our needs and wants. Without the alignment, what we don’t want or what we dislike heads in our direction.

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    This Should Help Receives Content Site of the Year Award!

    Yesterday I received an email of all emails that really made my day. Vie’s Inn of Wonders’ Awards bestowed This Should Help with their Content Site of the Year Award! There is no prize money, and it is a simple graphic, but I display it with pride. Maintaining a website takes hard work and dedication. Writing for a blog, as many of you know are both rewarding and time consuming. This small recognition of my time and effort truly finishes the year 2010 with a BANG! We won Tony’s Gold award earlier in the year, making us eligible for the year-end award. The award program is longstanding and the criteria are specific…they do not give the award out freely, as it must be earned. Unlike many programs that are looking for great design and navigation, Tony looks for valuable content. This makes the award even more appealing to apply for and win!

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    The Ego – Overcoming Past Traumas

    I read yet another article today concerning the importance of eliminating our ego. This issue has always confused me because it is loaded with contradictions. Just as there are, many gurus and self-helpers out there with negative contradictions concerning the word should. Seriously, life coaches and gurus are making money by selling us their ideas on what we should do to improve our lives. In the next breath, they state that the word should is damaging to us. The same applies to the ego, just as many are telling us to chip away at it one portion at a time, and eliminate it. In the next breath, they sell us on how to improve our self-respect, self-esteem, and self-worth. They even go as far as telling us how important money is and deliver methods of how to attract it!

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    Varieties of the Same Issue – Self-Help

    Last night I sat in on a discussion that really got me thinking. With all the ideas and self-improvement sites available, there may be too many things to consider. Each idea that comes our way is really just another version of the same idea. Some people simplify, while other people take the same idea and complicate the issue. I like to think things through and find my own ideas too. Self-help has gotten way to complex with all the different angles. It can get rather confusing when we listen to the many variations of the same story. Someone says that we must find the balance in our lives, and another comes along and attempts to explain what this means. “Find your thoughts behind the thought.” “Be the observer of you.” “Find your inner voice.” Many understand all this advice. However, for some it is like hearing a foreign language! I know we never stop learning, but how many different solutions do we need for the same problem?


    This Should Help Library – Thank You Marko

    Hello everyone, I have returned from my vacation, and I am prepared to blog. I had a wonderful time traveling with family. We journeyed to California where we visited my Great Aunt and Uncle. They are in their nineties, and willing to share their wisdom! My Uncle Glen shared stories and recited cowboy poems. It amazes me when I listen to some of the stories he tells about living in the 30’s and 40’s and how he earned $3.00 a week on his first job as a cowboy. He relates how he worked from “you can” until “you cannot” each day (“that is where you work as soon as you can see until you can’t”). Glen says kids today (I am sure he means from the ages of 25 to 70) handle life by saying “Oh well!”

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    I Recommend Reading – How to Forgive

    Marion wrote a very insightful article on forgiveness that I recommend. She touched on the different aspects of forgiveness like, I have never seen. I have read many books on the subject and have become an understanding and compassionate person. However, how I became that way was a little beyond my awareness. Marion’s article gave me insight as to how I actually helped myself!


    Is Ignorance Bliss – Are You Ignore-ant?

    I used to live my life in a perpetual state of ignorance. Last week while meditating, a light came on that helped me remind myself when I am moving in that direction. It was as if a tiny voice inside me said, “Sandra, do not ignore what you see, feel and listen to. Be aware and listen to the sights, sounds, and be with your senses.” As I began to understand that many of my problems, in fact, most of them, stem from being, ignore-ant, I felt revelation. We really cannot ignore or tune out what we dislike. Do you find yourself in a state of ignore-ance where you are being, ignore-ant?

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