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Children Delight in Simple Pleasures

June 24, 2010

Children are so cool how they live in the moment and create an adventure out of the simple pleasures. Our grandson, Noah, sat and played computer games with me a couple of weeks ago. He picked up the headphones and became an airline pilot right before my eyes. Then he changed his accent to his pseudo Italian and began taking a pizza order in his pizzeria. The next thing I knew he was saying attention Walmart Shoppers… Yep Noah really got on a roll once his equipment was in place. He had everything he needed, a $12.00 headset and an imagination that transported him from one reality to another! “I love the headphones, grandma, they are cool!” he says.

With the right prop to engage the imagination a child can become whomever they get a feeling to be. Have you ever noticed that they take excessive pleasure in having an audience? Have you also noticed that this is not a standard requirement? In reality, they become involved with what they are doing and there is so much joy, they forget you are present. I admire this quality in children; it reminds me that we all have that child in us. You know the part of us that understands that we are who we want to be at any given moment. Sure, we cannot live in a fantasy childlike world, but we can allow our imaginations some freedom.

I could put some detailed insight to this post. I could tell you the links and the grand opportunities of tapping into this part of yourself. I could even establish a wonderful example in hopes of inspiring you. I ask you instead to use your imagination and discover what this post can do for you.


2 Comments to “Children Delight in Simple Pleasures”

  1. Dia says:

    This is great Sandra! I think one of the best things that children do that we can learn from them is how they live in the present, not the past or future. Imagine how our lives would be if we live in the present as children do? Thanks for sharing

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