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Develop the Need to Succeed

July 28, 2010

Mountain TopI have always been an enthusiastic person, and you could say that I am easily excited. Setting goals is something I never quite understood, but I am learning. This month I set out to accomplish all my summer jobs and did some thinking as I worked. Many of the tasks that I had to do were hard physical labor, in fact, all of them were! I wondered how I could have accomplished them without formulating a goal. The thing is I did have a goal, to tackle the jobs! Without recognizing it, I had set out to complete what I wanted and needed to, developing a true desire. I created an actual need to succeed!

Any goal that you have in mind is absolutely what you want to achieve. As you visualize completing the task, you develop the need to take action. The more you think of the way something will look or how you will feel, the more the need captures. After you know what you want and begin considering taking, action a magical thing happens. Your mind begins to see doing it and developing a plan of action. With each idea, another thought comes to mind that helps you feel the need to succeed. A true desire must develop before you are going to have the right momentum to follow through.


Develop a Plan of Action

Say, for example, that you want to paint your house; this is the objective. An intention is different from a goal, as it is the thought of doing, where a goal is the result of accomplishing. After you have the outcome in mind take, a moment to consider everything that is important to you. This will help you plan according to your financial situation among other things. You most likely will want to paint your house by working around it in the shadiness. Thinking about the approach helps, you visualize painting and this gets the mind motivated; it develops the need. Can you see what color you would like to have on your home? Having a plan will help you clearly know where to begin, and you can track your progress.

Working according to a plan is not as important as having one in mind. You may plan to paint one side per day; this is your intention. Some days you possibly will achieve your mini-goal and some days you may fall short. This is acceptable because taking action is what perpetuates your momentum. As you work, you will notice if you listen to yourself that more ideas are forming. Your mind develops a plan as you work; therefore, having a small plan is all you need to get started. With each step, you take toward your goal you develop the need to succeed even more, if you allow yourself to do so. You will become enthusiastic about achieving by looking back just enough to see you are making headway.


Continuing In the Now Moment

As you execute your plan and visualize your expectations, you can see that you are actually completing the task. Some goals take longer to reach; they are loftier, regardless of the goal, the desire to reach your objective is what you are after. To keep your desire going look just far enough back to see that you are actually getting closer to achievement. In addition, it is helpful to look far enough ahead to keep you moving forward. If you look too far in either direction, you may become discouraged. Each time you feel frustrated, recognize that you are looking too far beyond the moment and pull yourself back to the now.

When you remain in the moment as much as possible, your goal cannot overwhelm. This will help you continue with your desire to keep plugging along. You can tell when you are living outside of the moment when you begin to experience fatigue or when you feel irritable. This is a great time to stop and take a break to rest and regroup, allowing your mind and body time to rest. As you let go of irritations your mind gets back on the task, and your body relaxes. Each time you rest, you will notice that you think you can do a little more, or that you may even reach your intended mini-goal. This notion brings the final goal together, reminding you that you are indeed succeeding.


Develop a Passion for Living

You can achieve any goal you truly desire if you develop a passion for life! Whether you are digging weeds, mucking stalls, or washing windows you can remain passionate throughout the process. The experts tell us that we must find what we are passionate about and proceed from there. However, with the right outlook, attitude and awareness we have all we need to succeed. It is nourishing to the soul to develop a desire and follow through by reaching for our intentions – what we visualize in our minds. It does not matter how long it takes you to reach a goal, but how well you handle the process.

Sandra Hendricks, EzineArticles.com Expert AuthorEvery time you determine an objective, your essence is reaching out to you. Your spirit is entreating you to sense the need to succeed!


5 Comments to “Develop the Need to Succeed”

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  2. “Setting goals is something I never quite understood” — This is just a big lie…. :) Reading this, I concluded that you know and quite understood a lot about goals. There are a lot of valuable informations in this article… I hope you’ll be able to achieve all summer assignments. :)

    It is a good example of a painting of house.

    • Sandra says:

      Really, Marko, I never understood the purpose of setting goals. I have always been enthusiastic enough to “just do it.” As I worked this month I thought about how I get motivated and succeed (how I achieve goals). As I put some thought into them, I began to more fully understand. I have one more large project to finish this Summer, and I am feeling great! Thank you for your comment and your encouragement.

  3. I understand setting goals as help in directing the focus to one point (goal) As the aim of a rifle, or a funnel.

    Of course, I understand you, the enthusiasm is one of the strongest tools of personal development… Good luck with this large project! :)

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  5. Sandra you make goal setting simple,real and attractive.

    “Any goal that you have in mind is absolutely what you want to achieve.”

    You are listening to yourself and following what you want. I love this because there is not a “must” or “should” in sight. You are being kind to yourself and encouraging.

    If more of us looked at goals in this way we would have much more success.

    .-= Marion Anderson´s last blog ..The Amazing Benefits of Procrastination =-.

    • Sandra says:

      Thank you Marion, I do think that goal setting is simple. It is reaching them that requires our attention.