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This Should Help offers free Self-Help Books in the Library. We are looking for authors that want to contribute to our Library Page. Authors that contribute a book to give away on This Should Help will receive their own promotional page. We give these books away and pay for the S&H without obligation or cost to the recipient.


Benefits to Authors

A graphic of your book and details provided by you along with a short bio is included in the page. In addition a link to wherever you choose is added. Please consider helping to make this page valuable to the net. We look forward to hearing from you and adding your book to the Library. Please send inquiries to: contact@thisshouldhelp.net


Donating Authors

J. Ann McMillanBilly Bob Bear’s Six Wishes
Click here

Raam DevSmall Ways To Make A Big Difference
Click here

Rob White180 – 90 Day Self-Powerment Program
Click here

Shonda Taylor30-Days to Allow Your Life Learning to Manifest the Secret Laws of Attraction
Click here

Tony AndersArtisan of the Human Spirit ~ Awakening to Life’s Lessons
Click here

This project was designed to help authors give to the world! Your book is handled with honor, and your donation is appreciated. Thank you everyone for your generous donation and support.


Library Updates

This Should Help has given away (18) books this year.

This Should Help has given away (35) books in 2012.

This Should Help has given away (43) books in 2011.

This Should Help gave away (25) books in 2010.

We added 34 titles to the Library on 1-5-2011.

We added 50 titles to the Library on 12-16-2010.

J. Ann McMillan donated 3 more copies of Billy Bob Bear’s Six Wishes on 12-9-2010.

We added 26 titles to the Library on 11-15-2010.

Two copies of Tony Anders book (donated by Author) arrived today. 8-6-210

We added 2 copies of Poems of Faith (Unused Books) to the Library on 8-6-2010.

We added 2 titles (donated by Authors) to the Library on 7-27-2010.

We added 35 titles to the Library on 7-13-2010.

We added 15 titles to the Library on 4-13-2010.

Please help us increase our number of books given away. Order your free books today. Send your requests along with your name and mailing address to contact@thisshouldhelp.net

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