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Focus on the Solution not the Problem

January 13, 2010

I received an email a while back from a woman who had discovered that she had had a mouse in her purse. Her solution to prevent this from happening, was to hang her purse out of reach. Of course, this was a solution, and it was an effective approach to her problem. However, she still had yet to discover a solution to the problems that the mice were causing in other areas of her life. She hated cleaning up the mouse droppings and seeing them disgusted her. She seemed resigned to the fact that it was winter, and it was something that happens this time of the year. Sometimes when we focus on a problem, we fail to see a viable overall solution – we overlook our options.

Most definitely, we can keep mice from entering our home by plugging up the access holes. Cutting up pop cans and securing them around water hoses is what finally solved this problem for us. First though we had to look at the bigger picture and believe that we could do something more than, trap the critters. We had to stop focusing on the problem, and look to the solution.


2 Comments to “Focus on the Solution not the Problem”

  1. J. Ann says:

    Sounds like she figured out what she really wanted…not to have mice in her house. Then, she was able to form a list of options that could solve her problem.

    I think almost everyone can identify with this story, if they relate it to an event in their lives – one they just couldn’t seem to find a solution to.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    • Sandra says:

      I tried everything to keep mice out of my food and cabinets. The darned critters get into everything and nest anywhere. Sometimes we have to put serious thought into what we want to cause a change in our circumstances.