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Full Circle Thinking vs Positive Thinking

November 17, 2010

We all want something more from life, and getting in touch with exactly what that is challenges us. Some want a better home, or a nice Christmas, for example. I do agree that more is not always better, and having too much stuff causes stress. Financial stress as well as emotional distress is a factor. Nevertheless, we all want something more than what we currently have when it comes to our well-being. We want more happiness, security, and overall comfort. We know what we don’t want because we feel it repeatedly! The problem is that we tend to resist and even reject issues we dislike or would rather ignore. We cannot get anywhere by refusing to consider and reflect on the negative side of our thinking. What we don’t want, is relevant and useful, and this is why positive thinking can hinder.

There is always at least a small portion of what you dislike or don’t want connected to what you do want. Let’s face it; life is loaded with contradictions that can complicate. Some say to take a negative thought and completely turn it to a positive one – just turn it around. The problem with doing this is that what we want, is rarely the opposite. It is merely a portion of the introspection. Say, for example, that you want to provide your family with a nice Christmas this year. Part of you wants this and part of you understands that expensive gifts or excessive giving will compromise your financial situation. If you try to resist, ignore or simply turn the thought, you may eliminate options. This can leave you feeling as if you have no choice, but to spend more than you can afford. The thought “I don’t want to spend a lot of money.” becomes “I do want to spend a lot of money?”

One sounds negative and selfish and the other sounds generous and positive, even assertive or determined. If you are willing to take a close look at what you don’t want, you are more likely to find a viable solution to nearly any problem. In fact, you may find that what you want, is best for everyone concerned. Usually there are a number of small “don’t want” connected to each issue in this life, but this is necessary if we want to develop values and self-worth. We can read between the lines and determine what is important to us rather than thinking that everything is important. This opens our hearts and minds to options and opportunities that await us each day. Allow your thinking process to go full circle instead of shutting out or dismissing what you don’t want. Allow yourself to make informed decisions by thinking things through completely. You have as much positive thought as negative, and both thoughts play a consequential role in your life.


2 Comments to “Full Circle Thinking vs Positive Thinking”

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  2. Nabanita says:

    By jove, Sandra! You have spoken about the LAW OF ATTRACTION out here! :) Whatever we say NO to, actually becomes a YES. Its almost like, “I will not spill soup or curry on my new dress!” And the more ‘careful’ you are, the more likely you’ll end up doing it! :)

    I agree with you 100% in the above matter which you have so beautifully portrayed in your article.

    Hoping to read more in the near future. :) Good Luck ! :)

    .-= Nabanita´s last blog ..building relationships =-.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Nabanita,

      I had not really thought of this article as concerning LOA, but I suppose it does reflect the idea. The Law of Attraction is complicated and yet simple at the same time. I notice it at work in my life, but it is difficult to write about it because it is rather involved. Thank you for commenting and helping me see what I had missed. :)