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Happy 4th of July – Celebrate Our Dependence Too

July 2, 2010

Sometimes we can feel disconnected from the world and other people. When I feel this way, I stop and reflect on my life and the Universe. Feeling less than grateful, I forget somehow that we are all connected and associated. At anytime I start feeling too proud, I remember the people who contribute to my life and well-being. I have read a lot concerning the ego, but I try not to get into the issue on a deep level. I do know though that there is something humbling in reflecting on what makes the world go around.

Each time that I start to believe I accomplished ANYTHING on my own, I remind myself that someone somewhere played a role. I may be digging a hole in the ground and the shovel in my hands is a portion of someone else. The car I bought and paid for with my hard work and determination, is not all I either. Many people were involved with me obtaining that car. There were the people who helped design, build and sell it. There were people at the bank that assisted in filling out the paper work, and then the connection continues. This is scarcely a tip of the iceberg of the many lives, and intellects involved in helping me achieve that goal.

As my website and blog expand, and I connect with more people the picture is the same. Can you envisage the many lives it took just to put your blog online? With the internet exclusively, it is millions of people. What about the blogging platform you use and the computer you utilize. It is astonishing to think of the lives we have built without even knowing one another on a personal level. God has his own networking ways, and for that, I am grateful! As I celebrate Independence Day this year, my heart celebrates our dependence as well.


2 Comments to “Happy 4th of July – Celebrate Our Dependence Too”

  1. Happy Independence Day Sandra!

    Mankind is so regulated that we all “cooperate” with everyone…. there are people who supported me in difficult times, and I am grateful to those people. And I regularly get back to to those people, to mankind and all living beings, by providing value and giving to those in need… In this way, I feel that I am alive…

  2. Hi Sandra, I really enjoyed reading this post. Our independence here in the states is such a privilege and a gift and it’s so important not only to be appreciative of it but to also be reminded of our interdependence with one another in ways we rarely think about. I wrote a piece exploring this subject and about how transformational it is to make that mental shift from independence to interdependence.