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How to Increase Your Productivity

January 31, 2010

Billy Bob Bear's Six Wishes

When I began to grasp the magnitude of this concept – the greatness of this idea – this idea of listening for what you hear yourself think you “should” do, I phoned my mom. She answered the phone and I practically shouted, “Mom, I have a secret. Do you want to know what I think I have figured out? I really think that I have come up with an idea to help unmotivated people.” I could hardly contain my excitement. I just had to find out what one other person thought of this idea.

She was not very receptive to my excitement or the idea. She had suffered from apathy and over the years had grown somewhat bitter. Mom had a difficult time getting excited about anything – she was apathetic. She spent the majority of her time looking at what she “didn’t want,” which was a lot. In addition, she spent most of her time sidestepping doing what she didn’t feel like doing, which was almost everything. Even so, she was still willing to listen to what I had to say.

“We aren’t motivated from the outside, no one can motivate us. Motivation comes from within and I know how to recognize it.”

“Oh, how’s that?” She asked.

“Do you ever hear yourself say, I “should”?

“Well yes,” she sounded like she was a little interested.

“To become motivated and get things going, all you have to do is, what you hear you “should” do. When you hear it, follow through, and you can do anything!”

“Okay,” she sounded as if she thought she were hearing nonsense, she was skeptical.

“Just try it mom. Look around your house, and listen for the word “should” to see what happens, but when you hear it get right up and do it, okay. You may be surprised. Will you try it?”

“Okay, I’ll think about it.” She said, sounding doubtful.

About thirty minutes later, she called saying, “Wow! That idea really does work!”

Now we were both excited – I was excited to have my idea tried, and she was excited because she had gotten motivated trying the concept. “Do you think this idea would help a lot of people, mom?”

“Well yes”, I think everybody “should” know this. I’ve been hearing that I ‘should’ dust for weeks and no, sooner than I hung up the phone, after talking to you, I heard that I ‘should’ dust my end tables. Then walking toward the cupboard to get the furniture polish, another dusty piece of furniture captured my attention that also needed dusting. I heard that I “should” dust it too! After dusting that, on the way to the bathroom, I noticed something else that needed dusting, and here came another ‘should’! I heard that I ‘should’ dust the bedside table. Man, I’ve gotten a lot done that haven’t felt like doing, and it was fun!” She didn’t sound disbelieving or apathetic anymore – she had shown something to herself.

Mom has a marvelous children book that she has written, titled: “Billy Bob Bear’s Six Wishes”. It had been sitting in a drawer for ten years. One day she heard that she “should” try to get it published. By following her subconscious mind and doing, what she heard that she “should” do. She fulfilled a ten-year dream, of becoming a Published Author.

We have observed firsthand how powerful and productive this idea is, and what it has done for people. Our subconscious motivates us; it presents ideas to us that promote accomplishments. We truly can produce anything!


1 Comments to “How to Increase Your Productivity”

  1. J. Ann McMillan says:

    While reading about doing what you” should” sounds like a good idea, you don’t REALLY get it until you try it. TRY IT. It’s fun. I Know.

    J. Ann McMillan