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I Am Following the 90-Day Mind Adventure

July 2, 2010

I am following Roger Pascal’s 90-Day Mind Adventure on Rob White’s Website, Mind Adventure. Rob presented an idea that is so simple that it answered many questions for me. Several years ago, some friends and I were discussing the contrasts in the brain and the mind. This is a tough distinction to make. We discussed how the brain is like our computer, and the mind is something very different. We never really came to any definitive answers during our fun exchange of ideas. Rob mentioned that our minds are a collection of thoughts! I like the simplicity of this idea, because it helps me gain a perspective.

Since our minds are a collection of thoughts, we can change the thoughts, and therefore, change our outlook. Many of us believe that we change our minds constantly. Like if you want chocolate cake for dessert and then change your mind, deciding to have pie instead. Transforming our “collection of thoughts” is a real commitment that can take time and patience. If we put mindful effort toward this change, we can create quality beliefs sooner.

Changing our minds is confusing. However, as I follow Roger Pascal’s 90-Day Mind Adventure, I am seeing how it is accomplished and perceiving the challenges involved in the procedure. Thank you, for the awesome ideas and the uncomplicated solutions Rob! I still think video footage would be cool! ;)


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  2. Sandra Hendricks says:

    I enjoyed Rob’s Book 180 for various reasons. Namely, that Rob delivered his understanding on how to turn your life around in a way that anyone can comprehend. Some self-help books offer such complex ideas that it takes an experienced person to grasp their concepts. Rob presents ideas that are simple, along with an exercise for each day, to encourage and help his readers. In addition, Rob takes you through a 90-day process that reminds you to implement change one day at a time. He also offers some insights in a bonus section concerning the inner workings of the mind, to further your journey. This book is one that can help anyone point their life in a positive direction, regardless of their learning level.

    Thank you Rob, for sharing your understanding. It helped me gain a higher understanding of myself and the universe!

    Rob has graciously donated a copy of his book 180 to This Should Help Library. To order this book (free) send your name and mailing address to contact@thisshouldhelp.net