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I Recommend Reading – How to Forgive

August 26, 2010

Marion wrote a very insightful article on forgiveness that I recommend. She touched on the different aspects of forgiveness like, I have never seen. I have read many books on the subject and have become an understanding and compassionate person. However, how I became that way was a little beyond my awareness. Marion’s article gave me insight as to how I actually helped myself! In addition, she shed light on why I sometimes get discouraged. In her article, she talks about how sometimes we need to understand, sometimes accept, and sometimes explain (speak up). My discouragement comes in when I understand when I need to speak up or explain when I need to accept. Thank you Marion for sharing your insight to forgiveness and helping me understand me on a new level!


2 Comments to “I Recommend Reading – How to Forgive”

  1. Thanks Sandra, that article link was worth the trip. I liked reading about the distinctions between forgiveness, acceptance and understanding.

    .-= Tom Volkar / Delightful Work´s last blog ..The Curse of Too Much Time Off =-.

    • Sandra says:

      You are welcome Tom. That is one of the finest articles I have read in a long time! :)