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You Can If You Think You Can

April 21, 2010

FinishI read the book “You Can If You Think You Can” by Norman Vincent Peale several months ago. This suggestion is immense and the fact is if we think we can we can! If we think we cannot, this is equally true. My mother spewed this seemingly nonsense to me as I was growing up. It seemed like a method to get me to cease saying I can’t, instead of something to encourage me to believe in my potential. As I read this book and reflected on the profound truth that it revealed, I considered an experience.

One day, sitting in what was our tool room, that is now a remodeled study, I found a polyethylene container of joint compound. What we had purchased this stuff for I cannot recall. Somehow, my intellect pulled me to begin reading the label.

Now before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you that I had wanted to cover up what I considered distasteful paneling in our home. We have one of those older double wide mobile homes. For some reason, the maker of these homes seemed to think that multicolored paneling is attractive, maybe even fancy. I desperately wanted to cover the walls with something besides wallpaper, and I had seen how painting paneling turns out.

BathI wanted interior walls that appeared modern and simple. Our laundry room had sizable yellow birds on the walls, as did our kitchen. The bathrooms had brown flowers on them, and the clash of these loud decorations, irritated me some. My mother had fruit embedded in stripes on her kitchen. If you have ever seen this type of paneling then you can understand my dilemma.

Okay let’s go back to the joint compound story. I began reading the label, and it instructed how to tape seams, and apply the compound as a texture. As I studied the label my imagination engaged, and I began to wonder, if it would work on my walls. The label indicated nothing that would suggest that this was something that is exclusive to sheet rock. I started thinking that maybe I can utilize this stuff to achieve the results I desired.

The instructions on the container were vague to be sure; still, it said that I could apply the stuff using a paint roller! As I started to picture doing this, I began to think it would work. I, in fact, thought, “I think I can do this.” Before I knew it, I began to conceive attempting this. As I considered the option, I commenced to believe that I could improve the walls, utilizing this joint compound.

BathFirst, I thought I could, and then I knew it was possible, finally as if by magic, I believed I could. Therefore, one day while Mark was out of town on business, I reread the instructions and started taping and applying the compound to the paneled walls. I sanded and smeared and eventually I was rolling on this gooey material. The moment I started rolling on the primer, I observed the results. Once I applied the paint, the wall resembled sheet rock. It excited me to see that I could do what I had thought myself into trying, I went throughout the house applying this to all of our walls!

Sandra Hendricks, EzineArticles.com Expert AuthorThe more we think we can do something, the better we imagine doing that very thing. This experience proved to me that if I think I can, before I realize it, I believe that I can. If I had thought enough about this stuff not working on paneling, I most likely would have dismissed the idea. Because, if we think we cannot do something, this becomes our reality, using our imagination. With our minds and its capacity for imaging, we truly can accomplish anything! Unfortunately, our mind can work for us or against us. We get to choose though, and that is what makes life awesome!


3 Comments to “You Can If You Think You Can”

  1. Russ Hamel says:

    Hey Sandra,

    When I was a kid I had one main talent. In most other things, I was pretty dumb and inept. Or was I? Here is the story of how I finally overcame my Dad’s most dire prediction: “I hope you make a lot of money growing up because you’ll have to pay everyone to do things for you.”

    Yup, I definitely was NOT a handyman.

    Fast forward to my first house… it was a fixer and Mother Necessity made sure I did a LOT of things for myself. This was one of the MANY proud achievements I gained from that townhouse.


    While some people choose to remain victims over a negative statement (or two or three…) from their parents and teachers, I just had to PROVE something to my Dad and Mother Necessity.

    Victim or Victory – you can’t serve two masters. We all have the same ability to choose. Victory sure feels a lot better!

    All the best from Toronto,
    .-= Russ Hamel´s last blog ..Can You Eat This Large Party-size Pizza All In One Bite? =-.

  2. Sandra: I totally agree with you that if you put your mind to it and believe you can accomplish something, you really can. Often times we have doubts about our ability and what we are really capable of which means that we have to chip away at these doubts one piece at a time. However, once we successfully do so…just about anything is possible.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Sibyl,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving such an inspiring comment. It truly is amazing how unlimited we are!