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Inspiring Minds are Connecting While Using the Internet!

July 13, 2010

Inspiring minds are connecting while using the internet! Many self-development sites and blogs are popping up rapidly. A site placed on the web with the hope of making the world a place of peace is indispensable. It is deeply moving to see the great ideas and the many nations that have joined. Millions of people support and encourage one another as they learn and grow together. It soothes the heart to see so many minds and hearts gather for one purpose, to help one another. The sites vary on the topic and offer a wide variety of information, for different learning levels.

Professional writers and simple caring people continue to support one another in amazing ways. These people offer insight and wisdom, passed down from genuine experience. The age of the blogger is diverse adding a rare point of view to open the minds and hearts of the universe! Many believe there is a shift in consciousness, and this idea has merit. By feeding one another with rich ideas and perceptions through the web, this is a stunning possibility! The value of these blogs and websites comes from the heart and soul of the writer, and his or her intention.

The many countries involved in this mind shift are something difficult to fathom. The United States needs the input from its family and friends across the sea, as well as its bordering neighbors. I have never before felt as much hope as I feel today, that the world will unite and live on solid ground. I know that it may be a long time off, but I can see that the commonality among Nations contains a vision. People are sharing a vision, peace of mind and sharing lives, opening their souls to each other. The barriers that are coming down between different age groups, cultures and religions astonish me.

Regardless of the level of awareness, you are currently at, there is a blog or website to fit your needs, and speak to your heart. The diverse ideas and knowledge can open your mind to the possibilities of you and the world. Advancing minds reach out in such a way that I cannot help but admire their integrity. I have traveled across this self-help road (my own path) for almost twenty years and read hundreds of books. The years and studying is a drop in the bucket. When I surf the web and become engaged by the self-development blogger my own insight is enhanced or surpassed.

Thank you, everyone for your encouragement and for sharing your interests with me!


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  2. And thank you Sandra, for your beautiful blog, support, sharing interests and wise words… ;)