J.Ann McMillan

Billy Bob Bear’s Six Wishes

Billy Bob Bear's Six Wishes - By: J. Ann McMillan


J. Ann’s book, Billy Bob Bear’s Six Wishes, revolves around a bear cub’s unhappiness with being a bear. One day while he is catching fire flies and putting them in a jar, he catches a fairy princess. The fairy princess offers him six wishes and the adventure begins. Billy Bob Bear tries on the life styles of five different animals. Through the disasters that befall Billy Bob Mouse, Billy Bob Dog, Billy Bob Fox, Billy Bob Deer, and Billy Bob Fish, he discovers that being a bear is not so bad after all.

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Author Bio:

J. Ann is mother of five children, all fully grown. When her children were small they found numerous things about there lives that they were not happy with and wished things could have been different. In a sense they inspired her to write Billy Bob’s story and share it with other parents and their children.

J. Ann has worked as a nurse for over 20 years. She works with the elderly, and some of them are not happy with their lives either. Every day I remind myself that, being just plain J. Ann McMillan can make me happy. Visit J. Ann’s Facebook Page.

“Remember, just being yourself can make you happy.”J. Ann McMillan


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We have 2 copies of “Billy Bob Bear’s Six Wishes” in our Library. You can also purchase this book online by clicking here. Thank you J. Ann for your generous donation and support.

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