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We would like to send out a BIG thanks to all the song artists that made these videos possible; Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks, Joe Walsh, Keith Urban, Pam Tillis, Randy Travis, Shenandoah, Steve Miller Band, Sugarland, Three Dog Night, and Vince Gill. Thank you to our family and friends that support us on our journey.

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Prescriptions for Happiness – By Ken Keyes, Jr.

Anyone on the planet may reproduce this book in whole or in part without permission. Acknowledgment in the following form will be appreciated:

Reprinted from Prescriptions for Happiness

by Ken Keyes, Jr.

Love Line Books

Coos Bay, OR 97420


Prescription #1

Prescription #1

The song on this video is by: Joe Walsh

The first Prescription for Happiness is: “Ask for what you want – but don’t demand it.”

You stand a better chance of getting what you want when you ask for it than when you don’t. That’s obvious. Why do you often fail to ask for what you want?


Prescription #2

Prescription #2

The songs on this video are by: Three Dog Night

The second Prescription for Happiness is: “Accept whatever happens – for now.”

This may be the most difficult prescription to follow because it may mean accepting the “unacceptable”, loving the “unlovable” and forgiving the “unforgivable.”


Prescription #3

Prescription #3

The songs on this video are by: Garth Brooks

The third Prescription for Happiness is: “Turn up your love – even if you don’t get what you want.”

You can read portions of Prescriptions for Happiness on This Should Help Blog. This book and more written by: Ken Keyes, Jr. are available for free, in This Should Help Library.


The Law of Attraction and How You Can Work for You

The Law of Attraction and How You Cam Work for You

In the book, “The Secret” the Authors tell us a lot about what they call the “Law of Attraction”. The law of attraction or whatever you want to call it does work, but only if you take action. They tell us in the book that action may be required and that the way will reveal itself. So how do we take advantage of their idea? Can we simply sit in our living rooms and wait for the Universe to deliver our dreams and the things we hope for?


The Wonders of Childlike Curiosity

Wisdom is Uncommon Sense

One of the best things you can do for yourself and others is to pursue your curiosity. We are born with a natural motive to explore our world, and it is, through innate wonder that we learn. Daily, we hear ourselves think, “I wonder…” How many times do we pursue the questions that float across our minds? Why do we wonder so often?


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