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We would like to send out a BIG thanks to all the song artists that made these videos possible; Brad Paisley, Garth Brooks, Joe Walsh, Keith Urban, Pam Tillis, Randy Travis, Shenandoah, Steve Miller Band, Sugarland, Three Dog Night, and Vince Gill. Thank you to our family and friends that support us on our journey.

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Principle and Interest

Let Go

The song on this video is by: Shenandoah – “Somewhere in the Vicinity of the Heart”

Why do we have such difficulty making up our minds, and why are we reluctant to take action toward what we want? During a process of elimination, we use a line of reasoning that I call “I do, but I don’t thinking”. While attempting logic, we use this thinking procedure automatically – we use it while trying to make choices and to avoid making decisions.

Something More

Something More

The song on this video is by: Sugarland – “Something More”

This video reminds us all that there really is something more to life, and we can have anything. In our hearts, we all know there must be more to life. Sometimes we need to take a look at what we really want, and focus on that. What we don’t want has no meaning, if it did we would want it


We are of Two Minds

The song on this video is by: Keith Urban – “Days Go By”

The soul understanding that mankind shares,
Gives us the opportunity to know;
That he who is separate, continually cares,
And he who is a part, continues to grow.

We are of Two Minds

We are of Two Minds

The song on this video is by: Vince Gill – “If I Had My Way”

Our conscious mind is the part of us that decides and chooses our attitude, behavior, and what actions we will take. In addition, it communicates the things we need and desire to have, to our subconscious. The conscious mind presents thoughts, questions and problems to the subconscious mind.

Where Will Technology Lead Us?

Where will technology lead us?

The song on this video is by: Three Dog Night – “Family of Man”

Technology developed through a need to get what we want, but the focus seems to have been on what we don’t want. If we, as a nation, continue to evaluate and implement change by focusing on what we don’t want and don’t like, the wars will continue and the technology will advance. Will our lives improve? Focus on Peace.

Wisdom is Uncommon Sense

Wisdom is Uncommon Sense

The song on this video is by: Brad Paisley – “Little Moments”

Uncommon Sense is a thing that you know in your heart; the peaceful knowledge that allows you to understand that each person is unique to this world; the voice deep inside that tells you that you have choices even when you feel the most hopeless; that little something, living on the edge of your mind, awaiting realization!


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