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Permit Your Brain Ample Time to Adapt

November 15, 2010

Last week I visited to the Optometrist and as expected, I needed glasses. He recommended progressive lenses. My eyesight is excellent for distance but my eyes need a little help up close. The doctor told me that I do not have to wear the glasses all the time. However, he requested that I wear them as much as practicable for the first three to four weeks. He said that the brain resists modification and with some use, my brain will adapt. I had never really thought of the brain needing an adjustment period before this. After the adjustment period, when I put my glasses on my brain will distinguish how to use the glasses automatically. I must say here that when I first put them on different distances were blurring and the room spun when I moved my head. Now, I hardly know that I am wearing them – other than I can see to type this article! All that was required of me is making a conscious effort (putting them on) – taking action.

The suggestion of the brain requiring an adaption period seriously got me thinking. It is this way for the brain when we commence paying attention to our thinking. Firstly, we must make a conscious effort to acknowledge, we are thinking at all. Then we must determine what type of thoughts they are and change our thinking when necessary. This takes some practice and requires action and a conscious effort on our part. However, once the brain is adapted to paying heed to our thoughts – it becomes automatic to “hear them”. It applies to the idea of changing our thoughts too. First, we have to make an effort to change them, until we are more conscientious. With a few weeks of effort, though, we nearly change them automatically. Before you know it, the negative thoughts are fewer! The idea that the brain changes but is resistant to change tells us a lot. They say that practice makes perfect and perhaps “brain adaption” explain why.

Proceeding through “brain transition” is worth the effort, and patience and perseverance pay off! Ever wonder why you study and attempt with self-improvement, and ultimately one day you realize? It is like an epiphany when the realization presents itself. I think it is because the brain actually does need time to change. We all think that we can change our mind anytime we feel like it. However, changing the direction the brain functions require some diligence. Keep working and your brain will adapt to your new way of thinking. Perhaps it takes some time for our brain to comprehend a new belief or idea. Maybe once it does adapt, we progress at a higher speed. We can see clearly, the truth that is right before our eyes, once the brain adjusts to our new vision (pun intended). Allow yourself time to learn and one solution at a time will present itself to you. One understanding after another will begin to come forth as your brain gets in gear.


2 Comments to “Permit Your Brain Ample Time to Adapt”

  1. Powerful lesson Sandra. I also believe that our brain needs time to adjust to the changes. And I also agree that once our brain adapt, we progress faster… True, I’d love that you learned that lesson in some other way…

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Marko,

      It is wonderful what events come into our lives helping us discover! It sure seems to me that we progress faster once our brain adjusts. It is like a channel opens and ideas flow… Understanding arrives in peculiar ways, but each one is awesome.

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