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Prescriptions for Happiness – By Ken Keyes, Jr.

April 22, 2010

Copyright Statement from the Author

Anyone on the planet may reproduce this book in whole or in part without permission. Acknowledgment in the following form will be appreciated:

Reprinted from Prescriptions for Happiness
by Ken Keyes, Jr.
Love Line Books
Coos Bay, OR 97420


Author Dedication

To all my students whose support and dedication to their growth help me learn about and pass on the Science of Happiness – and to all those whose open and inquiring minds will someday bring these effective principles into their lives.

I guess you know. you have been shortchanging yourself. You’ve been depriving yourself of just about everything that’s really worth having in life -

  • Energy
  • Insight
  • Perspective
  • Love
  • Peace of Mind
  • Joy
  • Wisdom
  • And a deep feeling of purpose

If it’s any consolation, most likely everybody else you know has been lousing up his or her life, too. But you don’t have to keep on adding to the dismal statistics of unhappiness: a life without much warmth and love, worrying about money, pushing yourself to do your job, a turned-off marriage, divorce, anxiety, sexual restlessness, boredom, loneliness, fear, resentment, hatred, frustration, anger, worry, jealousy, irritation, headaches, ulcers and high blood pressure, plus a feeling of queasiness and uneasiness about everything from your bank account to the nuclear bomb. Why punish yourself any longer?

You’ve been blaming it all on others – or on yourself. But a part of you knows it’s only some unskilled habit patterns of your mind that constantly set you up for creating unhappiness time after time. Really look at what you are doing to yourself. Is it possible for you to live a joyous and happy life with peace of mind in our topsy-turvy world?

Yes yes yes yes yes yes…IF. This is a big IF. Are you ready for it? You can be happy IF you use the three Prescriptions for Happiness explained in this book. The three prescriptions really work. They’ll work even if you don’t think they’ll work. You may be telling yourself that there is no way they could work in one of your life situations… But if you just take these three prescriptions and use them, they will work for you every time.

They’re simple to understand. They work – if you do! However, there is something that will get in your way of your applying them in specific life situations when you most need them. That something is you! Actually it’s not really you…It’s only your mental habits, and your selected memories of how you think things are that keep you from molding things in your life in a more harmonious way.

It’s pride or silly models of prestige that get in your way. Sometimes your mind would rather prove itself right than let you be happy! But with practice, you can learn to handle these impediments. I know you really want to live a happy life. We all do.

So let’s get to work. Here is the first of the three Prescriptions for Happiness:


Prescription #1 – with music by: Joe Walsh – “Over and Over”

Ken Keyes Obituary


3 Comments to “Prescriptions for Happiness – By Ken Keyes, Jr.”

  1. Russ Hamel says:

    Hi Sandra,

    Great suggestions, ALL! How many times have I been guilty of the little mind games when simply asking in the right spirit would have worked wonders? I saw myself in so many of those scenarios.

    Awareness is the first step in any improvement plan. So many of us are on auto-pilot; we just don’t realize we’re doing the things we do.

    Acknowledgment is another important step. Some people are very much aware that OTHER people may have that problem! They simply can’t, or more likely don’t want to, see and acknowledge any weakness in themselves.

    Acceptance is the last part of the puzzle. I don’t mean, “That’s just the way I am and there’s nothing I can do about it”, kind of acceptance. Nor do I suggest that people beat themselves up over their many foibles and follies. Instead, accept that it’s where you are now, and you are willing and able to move on from there.

    As for the word ‘demand’, I wholeheartedly agree that for most of the simple requests we ask of each other, things go far better without the ‘tone’ and inflexibility.

    However, I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate for a bit and take a look at how we go about asking things of Life itself. The Bible says, ““You will decree a thing and it will be established for you and light will shine on your ways” (Job 22:28 NASB)

    The dictionary puts a lot more oomph into the word ‘Decree’ as opposed to merely ‘Ask’… and do it nicely. Here is the word ‘Decree’ as defined by Dictionary.com:

    1. a formal and authoritative order, esp. one having the force of law: a presidential decree.

    2. Law . a judicial decision or order.

    3. Theology . one of the eternal purposes of god, by which events are foreordained.
    –verb (used with object), verb (used without object)

    4. to command, ordain, or decide by decree.

    As with any Universal Principle, there is an expectation built into that statement. Just as you would expect to fall if you walked off a cliff, you can rightly expect to be shown a way to achievement by decreeing a thing.

    I think where people get hung up is on the expectations part. Anyone who has ever told their teenager to clean the house a certain way by a certain time KNOWS they are setting themselves up for a HUGE disappointment, no matter how ‘nicely’ you asked the kid. It’s practically inevitable because you’re not focusing on the end result, you’re trying to also control the ‘HOW’.

    Rather, by decreeing that my house be cleaned a certain way by a certain time, doing all that you can to make your intentions clearly known to ANYONE who can help, you open up unlimited possibilities; your spouse surprises you by taking on the task; your neighbor comes for coffee and offers you some assistance; you’re caller #8 on your favorite radio talk-show and you just won cleaning and maid service for a week; you get the idea.

    Yes, be polite and ask nicely, “Please pass the salt”.

    For those things in life that require a little more authority, don’t be afraid to Decree the thing.

    All the best from Toronto,
    .-= Russ Hamel´s last blog ..I’ll Be Happy When… =-.

  2. Russ Hamel says:

    Hey Sandra

    Mr. D. Advocate back again! :)

    In the ‘Creation’ story, God didn’t ask, “Could we please have some light in here… pretty please?”

    I believe it was more like, “Let there be light!”

    Putting the D.A. aside, I do know what you are saying. It’s the old, “Catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” spin… always good advice!

    Or one of my favorites, ‘The Sun vs. the Wind’ story where the two see who can get the man to take off his coat. The Wind blows and blows, only causing the man to wrap his jacket tighter around himself. The Sun, on the other hand, shines warm and kindly on the man. Soon, the man becomes so warm he WANTS to take off his jacket.

    And since I’ve been quoting the Book of Wisdom – the Bible – let’s not forget, “Ask and you shall receive.”

    All the best from Toronto,
    .-= Russ Hamel´s last blog ..I’ll Be Happy When… =-.

    • Sandra says:

      Hey Russ,

      Thanks for the comments! :)

      I think the main idea of the; “Please pass the salt” in this is for people who have confrontation anxiety. “You’ll be getting the hang of it when you can ask ANYTHING in the same tone of voice and with the same ease as when you ask someone to pass the pepper or lock the door.” For some people simply asking is a foreign concept and extremely difficult. The fear of rejection or of being misunderstood is HUGE and limiting.

      I agree that at times we must have some authority in our voice. However, it doesn’t require force to “decree” what we want. Sincerity and integrity are all that is needed to get what we want in life. The “but don’t demand it” portion, to me means, not to allow the outcome to make you unhappy – be less attached to have your way when it comes to other people.