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180 – 90 Day Self-Powerment Program

180 - By: Rob White

Rob White’s book 180 with illustrations by: Nicholas Kent, is a 90 day program that rids your mind of threadbare opinions by replacing them with sage wisdom, and it does it in a way that has you “feeeeling” like you are floating serenely down a peaceful river. No anxious effort required – no hassle, no emotional strain. You don’t even have to use will-power to force the daily exercises onto the details of your day; simply allow them to express through you, and they will demonstrate in spontaneous ways. 180 tunes you up for success. It offers you an expansive perspective about life and a dynamic viewpoint about you. This perspective and viewpoint enables you to choose what is right for you with invincible resolution. Find out more at

Author Bio:

Rob White is a practical philosopher and a dynamic teacher to many. It is often said that his conversations are enlightening and entertaining. Rob loves pointing out the bottomless reserve of unrealized potential that we all possess. He points this out in ways that awakens the mythical giant that has fallen asleep deep inside of each of us. This giant is the spontaneous and joyfully creative spirit that resides deep in your consciousness.

Rob has wonderful ways of showing you that accessing your original, unlimited nature does not require taking on something new, but rather, it requires shedding those excess pounds of false beliefs that that you took on in past moments of fear and pain.

Rob has personally used the principles and methods of success (that he shares with the world), to accomplish wonderful results in many domains of his own life. Rob began his career as a school teacher. He believes that he learned more, being a teacher, than he could possibly ever have learn as a student. His teaching career began his passion for inquiring into the nature of being human and into the working dynamics of the mind. Find out more at


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