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Self-Help Requires a Hunger for Change

November 27, 2010

What does it take to become happy and experience harmony in your life, and what self-help method works best? You must develop an enthusiasm for learning. You are a complex person with many things going on in your life. Unless you develop a desire to learn, it is unlikely that you can change your life circumstances. Stepping out of your comfort zone requires learning new things and new activities. Changing your perception requires opening your mind and examining your beliefs. Without a hunger for change, self-help methods cannot hold your attention. Many people have utilized proven methods without success. Every method or big idea offered has smaller ideas backing it – the Law of Attraction, for example.

A friend came by to visit me a couple of years ago, bringing “The Secret” to my door. He showed more enthusiasm for change than I have ever seen from him. After reading the book, I can see why he felt so enthused by the idea. However, what he failed to realize is that there is more to thinking, about what you want than just doing it. Changing your focus from thinking about what you don’t want to what you do want, is involved. Feeling good, consists of more than just adopting the feelings. Taking action and discernment (a requirement with LOA) or discovering “the how” is a learned skill. The people who wrote the book are experienced with positive thinking, visualization, meditation, etc. and changed their perception, prior to writing the book.

My friend failed to understand that to use this method of self-help he would have to comprehend many things too. Within a few days of attempting to pay attention to his emotions and thoughts and change them, he lost his enthusiasm for the theory. Although the concept sounded easy, doing the work proved difficult. It is this way with many ideas! To utilize any self-improvement idea you must develop an enthusiasm for learning. The people presenting these ideas are people who have learned many things and overcome more than you can imagine. They may present a solution, but fail to let you in on all the details, just like “The Secret.” They do not do this in an attempt to deceive, but perhaps they forget all they had to learn. Learning became so much fun for them that it didn’t seem like work. Keep in mind that with any suggestion or guidance you receive from self-helpers is in all probabilities more challenging than it sounds. Furthermore, remember that they make success sound easy because to them, it is!


2 Comments to “Self-Help Requires a Hunger for Change”

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  2. Hi Sandra…

    I hope that your friend will read this and grow :) It is not easy to have the intention and it’s not easy to focus. “Secret” gives us information but it is important to apply the learned.

    We must be willing to learn and change. I always say, change is healthy. Change is refreshing. Change is the basis for growth. We must love change and change without fear and regret. Learning must become more desired than money and sense of security. Learning and change are the basis of life…

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Marko,

      Learning is perhaps more influential than we realize. I just started reading a book my son brought over. It is very interesting how our brain changes! The book is called “The Brain That Changes Itself” written by Norman Doidge, M.D. This book explains the brain in a way that really brings positive thinking and awareness together. Learning is what changes the brain! Change your mind and you change your life! Later I will put up a small piece on perception together with a video I discovered. Thank you so much for commenting and caring about my friend. :)