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Shared Ideas and the Internet

June 25, 2010

Running ComputerTonight I read a post on The Rat Race Trap that so thoroughly occupied my thinking that I had to begin a post of my own! It is interesting the way we take in knowledge and feed one another with concepts and theories. Stephen’s article, well studied and finely written, is about the internet and the way it is affecting our brain. As he pointed out the internet packed with input and diversions can pose many problems. Between the diversions and the bits and pieces of data, it may be difficult for our minds to absorb efficiently. You have to read his post “Your Brain On the Internet”.

One understanding I took away from the article is that we are distracted and tend to skip through what we read. In addition, I could unmistakably see that we must be mindful. We may be decreasing learning levels through impatience. Stephen offers tips at the end of his article to help us prevent losing our minds and abilities. I know that for me, the internet is a powerful resource, and I can clearly see where the impatience comes into play. I mean, if someone wants to know something from me, the first thought I have is “Let me Google that for you!”

After reading his article, I read the comments that further prompted this post. One commentator points out and I agreed in my own comment that there is a lot of regurgitated stuff available. She mentioned how many people in their twenties are writing blogs and handing out advice maybe without the life experience to back it up. This is the main issue I wanted to address, in this post. Young people who have grown up using the internet take in lots of data and comprehend it well (there blogs reflect it). They have knowledge on various life skills and firmly believe in what they are composing obviously.

Young people are writing on profound and deep subjects such as The Law of Attraction, etc. They are handing advice loaded with wisdom. Is this their experience speaking or are they merely parroting ideas? I cannot say that the internet is making this occur though, but books and other reading materials too. Think about it, many of the things we all understand came from shared learning. Minds from the past have written, and we have read, helping us develop our minds and beliefs the same. In many ways, we are all exchanging ideas and enhancing what was hand-fed to us. To put this plainly, we have helped one another evolve over time and learned to understand ourselves in the process.

Our youngest daughter, Brandi, was quite young when I began my own self-help journey, and as I studied, I shared much of what I learned with her. I gave her important insights and helped her learn while she grew up. In the end, my insights benefited her, and she truly is wise at an early age. However, the problem was that she had too much insight and very little experience to go with the powerful information. She had literally, to catch up to her knowledge and experience life for that to happen. This knowledge without experience made teen years and young adulthood extremely difficult for her. I think this will be what many of the young people today may have to go through and are dealing with as well. I must add here though that it would be incredible to have had the wisdom that Brandi has at the age of 24! Young people today have the knowledge and an earlier wisdom but the experience comes the hard way, nevertheless.


3 Comments to “Shared Ideas and the Internet”

  1. Sandra: Interesting post. I will definitely have to check out that post by Stephen. Thanks for the recommendation. I really do agree with the insight you shared about having to be mindful, regardless of what you are doing. I also thought your comments on actually having the experience vs. reading and learning about an insight was interesting. I have noticed that there really are a lot of young people in the blogosphere with amazing insights and wisdom at such a young age … probably very similar to Brandi. It has always fascinated me to hear their views and perspectives because in many ways they are not tainted by the heaviness of the world. I do agree with you though too that it is also great to hear the perspectives of people who have actually had the experiences. I think they are able to share pearls of wisdom. Great and thought provoking post.

    .-= Sibyl – alternaview´s last blog ..Choose to Be at Ease and Everything Will Improve =-.

    • Sandra says:

      Thank you Dia and Sibyl for adding your thoughts on this subject. I think the information that is easily accessed is helpful to young people. I believe they do become wise at an earlier age. In addition, they are learning effective managing skills that enable them to learn AS they grow up. Many of us simply tried to cope throughout childhood. Today they have input that enables them to understand themselves. I mean, my mother told me that I could do anything I set my mind to, but I don’t even think she actually understood what she was telling me. Conceptions available decades ago are now simplified, but mostly it is the availability that is helping kids today. I am sure we can agree that at the age of 21-25, most of us have lived through enough to be wise, if we hadn’t lived in ignorance. Many people older than I am live with meager coping skills, rather than managing their lives through understanding themselves.

  2. Dia says:

    Nice post Sandra! The way I look at it is there are some young people who offer wisdom and advice more than “older” people who might have experience, but lack knowledge and vice versa is true as well. Of course, experience is crucial too and it is always good to hear from someone who is mature and wise. Thanks for sharing

    .-= Dia´s last blog ..How to make people listen to you? =-.