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The Authentic Self is Different to Everyone

June 14, 2010

ButterflyThe authentic self is something different to each of us. I have heard it described in terms of finding God, or accepting Jesus. I have heard it described as understanding and accepting yourself. Finding what really matters to you and developing your passion or finding your true path. Many different roads lead to the same place and no one particular road is right for everyone. The one thing all the paths seem to lead to are peace and harmony within the heart of the person. This landing place is full of compassion, empathy, and an overall sense of well being.

The direction I have taken is learning. In some ways, I believe that once we develop a passion for learning we set ourselves upon our path. After a while, everything seems to interest, life is rewarding, and our mind and heart begin to open. As I learned about various issues, I began to understand and accept myself. I started to find the best parts of me, and recognize that these pieces of me were always there.

Once we find our authentic selves or add your own label, the meaning of life transforms into something that is difficult to put into words. We begin to understand and accept others easily, as we become empathic. We begin to see the value in people and really know that everyone is decent at the core. As Lauren commented on Give & Get the other day, certain things seem naturally to fall away.

Stuff like the worry, anger, and criticism, and most of all I think fear falls away, replaced by faith. There is a renewed hope in your heart and your mind operates on a positive level. It is as if the negative thinking falls away as well. Sure, we still have our moments of feeling vulnerable, but I believe we are all valuable to society because of our vulnerabilities. Overall, once you manage to succeed on your learning path, life changes. Learning then becomes a lifelong commitment, which is fruitful and energizing.

We undergo many emotions with waves of grief, during the process of finding our authentic self, I did anyway. There are times of confusion and desperation. Times of wanting to give up on the venture of changing, and just go backward to the way life used to be. At times, I regretted that I had learned anything because denial seemed so much simpler. One accomplishment at a time can change your entire outlook on life and change who you are on a deep lasting level.

Sandra Hendricks, EzineArticles.com Expert AuthorEven though the path can seem difficult at times, look for your accomplishments and keep plugging along, one day at a time. Give yourself credit and practice what you are learning. Most importantly, think for yourself and believe in yourself. You will embrace the finest part of yourself and experience the love that powers the universe. You cannot take my word for it because I have put words to transformation that are skin-deep at best. Life is more than just a string of accidents, it is tiny collective miracles!


10 Comments to “The Authentic Self is Different to Everyone”

  1. Mark says:

    You have done an excellent job in expressing your thoughts on what the authentic self means. I would only add that the learnings are a catalyst that helps us to remember that which we already know. The interesting thing is that on a spiritual level we come into this world with all we need to know and we spend the better part of our journey finding our way home.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for visiting and adding to my thoughts. Your conceptions are an excellent addition! My husband, expresses this sentiment quite often, “I know everything, just some things I need to be reminded of.”

  2. Dia says:

    Very nice post Sandra, Learning should be a continuous process. We sometimes learn from children as well. The key is keep learning and whatever we learn, we should put it into practice. Thanks for sharing Sandra

    .-= Dia´s last blog ..How patient are you? =-.

    • Sandra says:

      Thank you Dia,

      Children are the biggest teachers, they remind us how simple life can be.

  3. Learning is a beautiful process that does not stop until the end of life. Growth is built upon experience and knowledge.

    To maintain a favorable level of growth we need to permanently improve our skills and knowledge. In some ways, people forget the value of learning in their own lives. This article is a good wake up call for many, I’m sure….

    .-= Marko — Calm Growth´s last blog ..Dominate. Grow. Evolve. Introduction to Self-Confidence =-.

  4. Mick Morris says:

    Hi Sandra, a great piece unpacking what being authentic means. There are some great pointers in here about how finding your own way to be authentic has a wider impact.

    .-= Mick Morris´s last blog ..What the hell is this about? =-.

    • Sandra says:

      Welcome Mick,

      Thank you for visiting Give & Get and adding a comment. It is nice to have you along, and hope to see you here again soon. Wishing you luck on your latest blog adventure. ;)

  5. Justin Dupre says:


    Great article! Learning and growing is beautiful. I really like what you wrote “one day at a time” with so many stuff going on in the world is so hard to gather everything at once and sometimes you get so distracted with hectic environment. This post makes me feel good for some reason! Thanks for sharing!

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Justin,

      Thank you for your kind words. I wish more people could understand the value in learning.