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The Basics of Self-Improvement – How and Why

June 10, 2010

Bed StandWhat is more essential when it comes to, self-help, knowing how something happens to us or understanding why? Both are equally important if you think about it. Knowing how we think and how we feel helps us understand why we act the way we do. However, the journey begins with accepting how we are and then must continue into learning why. Many of the self-improvement ideas now days, are telling us the “how” more than they are the “why” of the issues in our lives. Ideas like the transference of energy, for example.

Science is substantiating that we transfer our negative and positive energy to one another. This is how we transfer emotions or vibes back and forth. Many have concluded that thoughts are a form of energy that travels like radio waves. This is very scientific and useful to understand, because it helps us see the power of our thoughts. However, when it comes to the beginning stages of self-help, it is more useful to understand why we behave in certain ways.

Contemplate this for a moment. What is the first step in learning? What is more significant knowing that it rains and knowing how, or learning why it is raining? Okay maybe this is a lame example, but I will go with it. We can recognize, we affect other people and others affect us, but do we know why this happens. Science tells us how this happens, through energy. The reason we transfer emotions and negativity is at the heart of the issues we deal with throughout, self-improvement.

Reading the topics of alcohol and co-dependency is a good place to start in your quest for answers. Alcoholic’s Anonymous deals with why we do what we do. While studying in this area I realized that the issues are not limited to alcohol or drug abuse. The drugs and alcohol are simply an effort to self medicate the concealed issues. Many of us have the underlying issues that we may be unaware of and can benefit from the guidance that treatment centers provide.

Treatment centers teach a lot about unspoken rules in families and self-protection. They teach about blame, accountability, and empathy. These centers teach people why we feel anger, worry, guilt, shame, etc. They help us learn about why we avoid certain things like assertion and why we are passive-aggressive. They help us gain an in-depth knowledge surrounding our emotions and bonds.

Sandra Hendricks, EzineArticles.com Expert AuthorTreatment centers or websites offering this input can help you understand the basic human behavior. It is useful to grasp and admit that we try to manipulate others and ourselves. Knowing why we do this is helpful, and foremost in helping ourselves. It is helpful to know why we are the way we are before we set out to change how we are. We must gain a little insight to our own basic human behavior before we can change it.


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  1. Baker says:

    Nicely written post here. I enjoy how you just flow with your writing and keep it going. Look forward to more of your material. :)