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The Law of Attraction is Always Working

March 1, 2010

As you begin to do what you “should” you become more motivated and your energy level skyrockets! When you listen for the word “should” and willingly direct yourself, you respond rather than reacting. The law of attraction (like attracts like) is always working and yes, this includes energy. The busier you become, the more you achieve. You will also draw busy people, into your life! Too often, we plan and schedule in an attempt to organize our lives and this limits our time. Without spontaneity in our lives, our dreams go unmet, and we end up placing other people’s priorities above our own.

When you do what you “should”, the moment you perceive it, you are asserting yourself in a dynamic way. Assertion is something that many people connect to aggression. It is unnecessary to take aggressive action toward what we want or what we “should” do. Frequently, we aggressively push ourselves to do what we “should,” after putting off, the idea. After delaying for a while, you may feel forced to follow through. Each time that you promptly do what you “should” you apply yourself to the things you want. When you fulfill your needs while reaching your desired goals, you are patient and consistent and feel no need to push yourself. There is an Italian Proverb about achievement; “It is not to aim, but to hit.” We must respond to our needs and things we want, by taking action, if we hope to reach goals. Your subconscious mind knows all of your intentions and returns your thoughts by relating what you “should” do. The longer that you assert yourself and apply yourself to do what you “should”, the moment you notice it, the better you will feel, think and perform.


1 Comments to “The Law of Attraction is Always Working”

  1. Ellen says:

    Hi Sandra, I agree with you totally. I do like to make a should do list a day, and then it feels so rewarding to do most of them. I think it is good to set the ladder high. Then, when you haven’t done all of it, you still have done a lot! And indeed if you do what you should do, that is what you want. At the end of the day, you feel so much happier and content with yourself.