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The Law of Attraction Is an Odd Phenomenon

August 4, 2010

Our Humble ShedThe Law of Attraction is an odd phenomenon. The more I recognize the things that occur in my life, the more it seems to affirm the idea. I have always believed that God provides us with what we need, and what we want. People teaching about the Law of Attraction tell us that we must focus on what we want and eliminate thinking of what we need. This is true, for the most part, because we must feel worthy of receiving. However, I have had incidents where I received what I needed that changed my life! In addition, several weeks ago we needed something and put very little thought toward wanting it. In other words, we did not have a definitive thing in mind or visualize getting it.

Blessed with an opportunity to benefit a friend by tearing down his house, we received building materials to improve our place. The house, severely damaged by fire needed taken down so they could rebuild. The damage from the fire blackened and melted the interior of the home, but the outside walls survived. He had built additions onto his home, so he had hundreds of dollars worth of lumber. The vinyl siding happened to be just what we needed to improve our tack shed. Their back door looked great on the outside, but the inside had a vinyl frame that completely melted. We decided to salvage the door and perhaps build a new frame on the inside.

As we laid the door in the backyard to clean it, I thought it appeared beyond repair. We went forward with our idea, cleaned it, and hung it anyway. Mark took out the window, including the frame. I spray painted the door, and it started to look brand new, with the exception that the window was missing. As we discussed the probability of attaining satisfaction, we entertained the idea of maybe finding a different door at a yard sale. Mark decided that he could fix this one, so we entirely dismissed the notion. We needed a window but wanted to fix the old one.

The next day before we embarked on applying the siding, we proceeded to town, because I like to go to yard sales and this was my day. As we arrived at the first sale, we discovered a door leaning against a tree. We both looked at one another simultaneously, with wonder in our eyes! This appeared phenomenal to me, and I could not resist thinking about the Law of Attraction. As we walked up to the door, I asked Mark if he wanted to replace the door we had, and he beamed as he said that he wanted the window sitting beside it. This particular window, removed from a door, was exactly like the one we had obtained from our friend’s house. We purchased the window and inserted it within five minutes. What a miracle this was – a minuscule one undoubtedly. We needed that exact window, and there it was, as if it were waiting for us.


Is it actually our needs that makes LoA work? 

The point I want to make is that the Law of Attraction does work, although it is mysterious. Did we receive the window because we wanted it, or because Mark really resisted the idea of building the frame? Is it what we truly wanted, and had we attracted it into our lives? I think of the various times, I got what I did not want in my life, and reflect back to see how beneficial the event was to my growth. I can conceive that there is a power that draws certain things into our lives, but I doubt the entire method. I think that the methods to achieve using this idea, may need broadened. I understand the idea of arousing feeling to create the energy. However, it seems that true desire develops that necessary feeling. If we leave “need” out of the equation, are we actually blocking the outcome?

When our wants and needs are in alignment, a heart-felt desire develops. If we concentrate only on what we want, that cannot insure the outcome. We can become excited about the idea of driving that new car. However, without the need to do it, we may be hoping in vain. This could be the reason that the Law of Attraction is deficient for many people, when they set out to use it. Frequently, I have gotten what I did not want and later discovered that it truly was a blessing. God understands what is in our heart, and delivers what we need, and that is, in effect, what we want. If we intend to utilize the Law of Attraction, we must remain in touch with our needs. In addition, if we principally focus on what we want, we possibly will overlook a chance to receive what we need.

If you set out to utilize the Law of Attraction, please do not disregard your needs. Rather, construct a list of what you need along with what you want, so you can align them, finding harmony. What you want, is important, but what you need is essential. When you require something in your life, it is more than an external vision. You must encounter stability so that you can improve your circumstances, and enhance the need to succeed. Valuing what you have and having what you want, directly relates to your needs.


4 Comments to “The Law of Attraction Is an Odd Phenomenon”

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  2. rob white says:

    Very true Sandra. There is no doubt about it: The Law of Attraction works and is always working. In my experience it shows up as those things or circumstances that are just too easy to explain.

    .-= rob white´s last blog ..The Ultimate Money Secret But It’s Not Just About Money =-.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Rob,

      I agree that the Law is always, in effect. We may be unable to recognize how powerful it is by explaining it away.

      I understand what they say in “The Secret” about the Law of Attraction being unable to discern negation. Our subconscious mind conceives everything as a goal. However, it seems a much simpler explanation to say that this law responds to our needs. The law works equally with what we do want and with what we don’t want. So by accepting that it works primarily through our needs, it is simpler in my mind and may be easier to help people I talk with gain an understanding of how it works.

  3. The Law of Attraction does seem a strange phenomenon until you understand the psychology behind it. Most of the time we don’t see opportunities simply because our minds are not focused on them. Would you even notice doors and windows if you didn’t have a need for them?

    Of course, the process is a lot more involved than I could ever describe here but this seems like a classic example of the principle of Positive Momentum (as I’m choosing to call it at the moment), with maybe a touch of divine intervention. :)

    Loved reading the post.

    .-= Ray Whittaker on Personal Development´s last blog .. =-.

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Ray,

      It is wonderful to see you here. I like your idea of Positive Momentum, as I see it functioning in my life daily. I will be observing your blog to discover more about your theory. I would enjoy getting together to exchange ideas. Perhaps we could collaborate on a project between our blogs.