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There’s No Harm in Positive Thinking

April 25, 2010

Positive thinking is more than fancy words that symbolize power and control. This type of thinking is an idea that has a potential of changing our minds and improving our lives. Higher consciousness and high awareness are fine. We must awaken from slumber and thrive in our world. Positive thinking cannot make you powerful, but merely assist you in letting go of hatred, prejudgments, resentments and fear.

If you desire to improve, your life changing the way you think can help. However, if you wish to control your world or have power over others, this is uncooperative, misconstrued positive thought. Be practical concerning the applications of ideas that come into this world! Do you want a better house, a new car, or a big ass bank account? Positive thinking cannot get you those things!

So if positive thinking cannot yield those possessions then how exactly does the Law of Attraction that surrounds the idea really work? It works by thinking that you are worthy, and that you deserve to have safety, joy, and love. What the Good Lord or the Law of Attraction furnishes is a living! The world grants us with life, not because it owes us a livelihood. The universe cares for us because we are lovable human beings.

Positive thinking can change your life from the inside out. Maybe once you change your mind about the world and prestige, you may recognize how worthy you are. The idea of positive thinking is not to transform your mediocre life, but to let go of your mediocre thoughts. Once your thoughts improve you may just realize that you are anything but mediocre! You may even understand that you live a life of comfort that until these changes took place you failed to appreciate.

Sandra Hendricks, EzineArticles.com Expert AuthorIt is improbable that you will ever have the alternative of snapping your fingers and having whatever you request. However, with the snap of the fingers you can modify your existence and conceive of the joyfulness of life. Possibly, you are in need of more or better, and you shall receive. Maybe though, you are deceiving yourself from the outside in.


2 Comments to “There’s No Harm in Positive Thinking”

  1. Russ Hamel says:

    Absolutely Sandra,

    “Be transformed by the renewing of your minds” is ancient wisdom.

    The quickest road to mind renewal is to be grateful! “Who, ME? Be grateful? For WHAT?”

    I read a similar response in another forum the other day. It’s simplicity floored me. (paraphrased) “Look at all the things you take for granted… like air, for example. If you’re reading this, I assume you’re still breathing OK.”

    Last year I wrote an article, “How to Be Grateful When You Really Want More”. People in this category are a step up from those who can’t see ANYTHING for which to be grateful. It’s an eye-opener.


    Unfortunately, so many people are in one of the two groups I mention above – those who think they have nothing; and those who have plenty, but still want MORE!

    True gratitude is knowing that you already have EVERYTHING!

    All the best from Toronto,
    .-= Russ Hamel´s last blog ..I’ll Be Happy When… =-.

  2. Sandra: I really liked this post and especially loved what you said about letting go of mediocre thoughts. That really is what it is all about. Great post and great insights.

    .-= Sibyl – alternaview´s last blog ..30 Great Habits That Will Help Free You of Bad Habits =-.