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This Should Help Library – Thank You Marko

October 13, 2010

Glen and Helen McCrayHello everyone, I have returned from my vacation, and I am prepared to blog. I had a wonderful time traveling with family. We journeyed to California where we visited my Great Aunt and Uncle. They are in their nineties, and willing to share their wisdom! My Uncle Glen shared stories and recited cowboy poems. It amazes me when I listen to some of the stories he tells about living in the 30’s and 40’s and how he earned $3.00 a week on his first job as a cowboy. He relates how he worked from “you can” until “you cannot” each day (“that is where you work as soon as you can see until you can’t”). Glen says, “Kids today (I am sure he means from the ages of 25 to 70) handle life by saying ‘Oh well’!”

His wife Helen relates how back in the day he earned such a small wage that you asked the gas station attendant to put in five gallons of gas. She said even into the 60’s, she was requesting five gallons of gas be put in her tank! We asked her if she ever ran out of gas, and she laughed as she replied, “All the time.” She never recognized that you could put in more! It is funny what we understand and the things we suppose we know. They are frequently two different issues! Learning is a journey that takes time and changing our ideologies requires patients and desire. This is one incentive to read self-help material.

While I was away, Marko at Calm Growth featured This Should Help Library in a blog post. What a surprise and honor to have our website and Library resource presented by you, Marko! In the post, he made several good points and offered many reasons to read books. The one that caught my attention was this statement. “With each book I read I got a new belief. Belief can change you, and you can change the world.” Reading the books available in the Library has definitely done this for me. Writers of self-help have a unique talent for presenting ideas for your consideration! They have time proven methods that have enabled them to change their own lives.


This Should Help Library

When we started the Library, we were uncertain as to whether anyone would want used books. It is a privilege to send books all over the world and to be trusted with addresses. I get very enthusiastic each time an order comes and the thrill of sending these books out is difficult to describe. I love giving and helping, and the Library provides me with that opportunity. Perhaps by running this little website with its Library can help another person. Perhaps I can touch another and provide the Author with an opportunity to do the same. Therefore, I give these books away to give something back to the universe in hopes that someone else might find that for which they are searching.

The Library is diverse, as it contains metaphysical, religious material as well as stress management. We offer books concerning co-dependency and more! The self-help giants share their wisdom and experience in such a way that your mind blossoms as you read. Many challenge you to consider your notions, open your heart and mind to discover the success waiting for you. They present you with questions that have gone unasked by you and challenge your beliefs as they walk with you. If you have yet to visit our Library, I invite you to do so now, and please order a book. Yesterday we sent two books to Europe, and we have sent one to London, as well as some to California, Texas!


Books Donated By Authors

If you are an Author, we would like to feature your publication on our website. We created a section that provides a promotional page, featuring your book, bio, and links. All we require is that you donate one or more copies of your book to the Library for us to distribute free of charge. Together we can change our world and move forward. Books reach out and touch lives, enriching the Universe in which we live. The Library and Author Donation Pages are my method of giving back to the Authors, which have helped revolutionize my own life. Thank you everyone for your dedication: living, learning and growing. Thank you Marko for featuring This Should Help Library on your outstanding Blog; we appreciate your support!


1 Comments to “This Should Help Library – Thank You Marko”

  1. You’re welcome Sandra, it was a pleasure to write a post about such a great project!

    I’m glad you had a great time on your trip, but I’m more glad you’re back blogging. :) I am looking forward to future articles on your blog…

    .-= Marko — Calm Growth´s last blog ..How to Stop Being Perfectionist- The Imperfection Project =-.