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Artisan of the Human Spirit ~ Awakening to Life’s Lessons

Artisan of the Human Spirit ~ Awakening to Life's Lessons - By: Tony Anders


Artisan of the Human Spirit ~ Awakening to Life’s Lessons is a book that explores those inspiring moments of truth we encounter frequently in our lives. These moments often present themselves when people are best suited to receive them, yet due to a lack of presence and awareness, they evade our focus. We often find ourselves in emotional distress, feel alone, disconnected, or exhibit unhealthy behavior due to our inability to experience life’s lessons fully.

Tony Anders presents a variety of essays that allow the reader to connect with daily episodes which are familiar to us all; but are shared in an inspiring, humorous manner that welcomes people into the scenario. His exploration of normal situations show the impact the seemingly mundane can have on our ability to reach our potential.

To further keep the message personal, Tony submits a list of Reflections at the end of each chapter; allowing the reader to digest the message, embrace it, and find ways to connect with the story to allow for personal improvement.

The stories are warm, personal and compassionate. The message shows how we do not always need to look outside of ourselves to find spiritual guidance. Often times we are being shown profound life lessons, on a regular basis. We just need to practice the skills necessary to awaken to them.


Author Bio:

Tony AndersAfter spending a quarter century in the beauty industry, Tony realized his passion had shifted from what was happening on the outside of people to what was occurring on the inside. Years of listening to other’s stories led him to seek a deeper spiritual understanding of how all things are connected. Tony’s own challenges and experiences give his writing a warmth and compassion, and are shared through the perspective of a “regular guy.”

Tony is an active blogger and a published author and his work can be found on: Artisan Of The Human Spirit and on his website: Tony


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