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Varieties of the Same Issue – Self-Help

November 12, 2010

Last night I sat in on a discussion that really got me thinking. With all the ideas and self-improvement sites available, there may be too many things to consider. Each idea that comes our way is really just another version of the same idea. Some people simplify, while other people take the same idea and complicate the issue. I like to think things through and find my own ideas too. Self-help has gotten way to complex with all the different angles. It can get rather confusing when we listen to the many variations of the same story. Someone says that we must find the balance in our lives, and another comes along and attempts to explain what this means. “Find your thoughts behind the thought.” “Be the observer of you.” “Find your inner voice.” Many understand all this advice. However, for some it is like hearing a foreign language! I know we never stop learning, but how many different solutions do we need for the same problem?

I suppose that what works for one cannot work for all, and variety is the spice of life. Too much of anything useful loses its clarity and self-help can be one of those things. While you are searching for ways to subdue procrastination, for example, you learn about confidence. Then onto asserting yourself, and this leads to learn about passiveness. Then along comes something like the law of attraction and the subconscious mind and all logic goes out the window. Getting back to the basics can really be a challenge, and minimalism, seems to work toward this. However, even this idea drags in the complex notions that bog down progress. “Let go of materialistic satisfaction.” “Live lighter and experience the spiritual freedom.” The basic of self-help is a desire to improve your life, and you must do this one truth at a time.

We cannot study and expect to learn from what other people say, unless we are willing to put the concepts to use. How do you utilize the ideas of other people? Consider what you read and apply it to your circumstances. You come up with your own interpretation precisely as numerous self-helpers are doing. As long as something makes sense to you and works for you, no one else has to comprehend it. In fact, illustrating what works is what everyone is trying to do! In the end, the unsurpassed advice is being honest, straight forward, and giving. The path you are on is growing and learning – it is life. Tolerance, patience, perseverance, and an average understanding is all you need to achieve peace of mind. Hope is not a sign of weakness – if it is a weakness than it can transform into strength. Faith is more than believing in the unknown or the unseen – it is hope turned inward.


2 Comments to “Varieties of the Same Issue – Self-Help”

  1. This is a very practical explanation. One can see many paths today but it can be really confusing as which path to follow. I agree with you completely till the end. This was a really really good read. :) Thank you. Your articles help me a lot!

    • Sandra says:

      Hi Nabanita,

      I am so glad that you appreciate my blog and that some of what I write is useful. *HUGS* :)