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What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

May 27, 2010

SaraThe doctor diagnosed our granddaughter, Sara, as having “Sensory Integration Dysfunction”. She is almost two years old now and the diagnoses came a few months ago. Our daughter seemed relieved to know what was wrong with her baby – she just did not seem to excel. Kelly tormented herself with all the things she was doing wrong and blamed herself. Sara seemed to learn slowly, and she was emotionally upset a lot, and easily. The frustrations for them both caused heartache and stress.

She enrolled Sara in different therapies. Touch therapy is one that seems to have helped her become less sensitive. She refused, as a baby, to hold her own bottle. It took a lot of therapy before she would hold onto objects. She crawled late and has been walking for only a short time. If someone looked at her, she would gradually break out sobbing. She will be attending speech therapy soon. The therapy has benefited Sara; she is like a different child.

Kelly is writing a book on the subject. Throughout her research, she has found that this is usually undetected in children until they reach school age. At that age, it is hard for the child to attend school and the pressure is intense. Children who have occupational therapy seem to improve quickly and have less trouble entering school.

For more information visit this website – Sensory Processing Disorder


4 Comments to “What is Sensory Processing Disorder?”

  1. Hi,

    The good news is that SPD is being diagnosed at a much earlier age for many kids — as young as 12-18 months!

    My son has SPD, so I can totally relate! :) Good luck on your journey and thanks for sharing!

    Hartley Steiner

  2. Half the battle often seems to be just knowing what is wrong. I can’t wait to hear more about the book. :)


    Darren Sproat
    .-= Darren Sproat´s last blog ..Wait a sec… it was almost perfect! =-.

  3. Duane Scott says:

    As a person that loves medical, I found this very interesting. I’m fairly certain a lot of children can outlive this one. Get above it. Although she is experiencing a rough start, by the time she’s 15, I doubt anyone will know she was diagnosed with this disorder.

    Said a prayer for your granddaughter.
    .-= Duane Scott´s last blog ..the dark side of emptiness =-.

    • Sandra says:


      After observing this video, I suspect that we are born with this and outgrow it with time. Some children may need more attention and reassurance along the way. I appreciate your prayers and encouragement.