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What We Hope to Avoid Can Undermine Our Intentions

June 29, 2011

A short time ago, I wrote an article about the difference between goals and intentions. Goals add a value to our lives and motivate us to improve our overall situations. Intentions, on the other hand, enable us to take vital action toward what we hope to accomplish. Too frequently, goals are set in place because of what we desire to avoid, setting us up for failure. It is impossible to take action toward what you don’t want, and setting a goal in place to avoid anything undermines intentions. You must find balance between these differences if you hope to succeed.

What we don’t want; it is significant because it helps us to determine what is really of value to us. Unless we understand what we prefer, we cannot move forward and accomplish what we aspire to do. Creating a list of things, you want, can help you set your intentions, which is the true motivator in your life. Say, for example, that you want to purchase a new vehicle and the means to do this require a goal. You may have to save a down payment, borrow the money, or even ask for help. If all the issues that you want to avoid begin inhabiting your mind, these become your intentions.

Start by making a list, and as you produce this, ask yourself the difficult questions. Is this something that will help me get what I want? Is this just something that I desire in hopes of preventing something else? These two questions, when answered honestly can help you decide what is important to you. The balance between goals and intentions comes into play with attention toward what you want. The balance between your wants and needs is the hidden factor to your motivation. You know that you can accomplish anything that you desire; you have done this before! Many things in this life seem hard to manage especially when the goal is set to avoid!



Accountability for your own outcomes and a desire to blame another person cause you to avoid. Sometimes we delay making decisions until we feel forced, or we let someone else to make the choice for us. If we refuse to choose, how can it be our fault? Alas, this cannot prevent the results that we must bear – the liability.


The thought of what other people will think, concerning the choices we make, can seriously stand in our way. This thought alone can cause you to go against your own goals and intentions. The fact is that you cannot avoid what other people think; this is outside of your control.


The desire to have the approval of everyone is something that affects us all. This is one of the biggest factors when it comes to completing our goals. Unless we have the co-operation of other people, we are alone to our own devises. The fact is we need other people when it comes to accomplishing anything is this world. The idea of being turned down for a loan, or any request can and does stop us from applying ourselves.


Responsibility, while it is close to accountability, differs slightly. Commitment requires trust; unless we address the above issues and surmount them, we deny ourselves. We must grasp that we are the one who does our thinking and feeling! In the end, we live and breathe in the truth that we alone create. In addition, we design our own goals and purposes, whatever they may be.

Sandra Hendricks, EzineArticles.com Expert AuthorCan you see the commonalities here? All the issues that stand in our way, that we endeavor to avoid, are, fear derived. The enlightened voices of the past had advised us to face our fears, and they will disappear. If we can just face and overcome these four integral anxieties, we can transform our intentions and reach our goals. Think about what you anticipate preventing and then take it a step further, thinking of what you desire to accomplish!


1 Comments to “What We Hope to Avoid Can Undermine Our Intentions”

  1. Andrea says:

    Thank you for this post. It was perfect for me. For me Criticism and rejection are the blocks in my life. But I am getting better at dealing with it. I have done so many things that I did not want because of criticism that now I regret it. But there is no point in regretting we live and learn.

    Thank you for clarifying the difference between goals and intentions.