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Whatever is Important to You Matters

August 28, 2010

Several weeks ago, I wrote an article expressing that I will stop, ignoring things. Sometimes I see negative things going on around me and think it doesn’t matter. As I started working on changing this in myself, I came up with something that really works for me. Do you ever hear yourself think, “It doesn’t matter?” I have come to understand that I think this way. It may be because I am trying to dismiss how I feel about something. It may be because I think I should do something, and I can accept that it is unimportant. Not everything can intensely matter to us, or we will drive ourselves insane with concern and worry. However, because procrastination causes so many adversities in our lives, we can benefit from one simple question.

When I think I should do something that perhaps I don’t really feel like doing I may think it doesn’t matter right now. Say, for example, that you think that you need to have your roof repaired. Then you think I should call someone and have it fixed. There may be many reasons or excuses and mixed emotions behind the thought. Whatever you feel, you can convince yourself or accept that it doesn’t matter. Ask yourself this question, “When will it matter?” After you answer this question, you may become motivated to take the necessary steps. By asking and answering, this question can actually make you least resistant to accomplish what you want.

I think that everything matters in life; some things just matter less than other things. Saying it doesn’t matter or it doesn’t make any difference, or I don’t care is a lie (denial). If something is bothering you, it is because it matters to you. Therefore, the next time you think something doesn’t matter, try the follow up question. Perhaps the thing matters to you because you can see the consequence of ignoring it. Maybe by using the follow up question you will see that it “matters” to you now, and dismissing the thought is unlikely to make it matter less. Taking action toward what matters to you is what makes the difference in your life. You have your rationales for saying “it doesn’t matter” and asking when it will matter can help. I hope this suggestion will help you as much as it has me.


4 Comments to “Whatever is Important to You Matters”

  1. Hi Sandra… On your blog, more and more I see great ideas on practical use of questions. I’m glad you’re entered deep into the topic. “When will it matter?” really can be used to move us when we delay the necessary actions.

    A few more, and you could gather all posts about the power of questions in a free e-book… ;)

  2. Adalia says:

    I do believe when we procrastinate we are uncomfortable with something … there’s the fear of? If we take time to acknowledge the feeling, really connect to why we are avoiding doing this “thing” – we will discover the root cause and can take action to pull it up and move forward. At times, we say something does not matter because it matters so much – it comes back to being real with ourselves … instead of being in denial and playing the avoidance game.

  3. Sandra

    What a powerful question – when will it matter?

    Interestingly when I find myself saying – it doesn’t matter – it is usually when it is about something that I wanted to do for myself and I put it off to do something for someone else.

    When will it matter – it will matter when I have no energy to help others – when I am too tired because I did not take the time to re-charge my batteries.

    Thank you for a very thought provoking post

    .-= Marion Anderson´s last blog ..A vision for your life – are you living your dream =-.

  4. [...] what happens in our life, is both challenging and rewarding. In my last post, I wrote that everything that is important to you matters. I cannot speak for you. When I tell myself “it doesn’t matter” it is because I [...]

  5. Sandra Hendricks says:

    Hi Marion,

    Thank you for reading this post and for your comment. What you described happens to us more than we know. I love you and you matter to me. :)

    When will it matter – it will matter when I have no energy to help others – when I am too tired because I did not take the time to re-charge my batteries.

    When will I matter – I will matter when I have no energy to help others – when I am too tired because I did not take the time to re-charge my batteries.