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Your Past is a Mere Reflection

December 23, 2010

As we move forward to the year 2011, we cannot help but look to the previous year. Our failures and triumphs are both extremely relevant to our learning and growth. During the transition from one year to the following, it is important to remain in the moment as frequently as possible. Imagining too far ahead in search of prospective successes and hopes can set us back. While the completed year is a portion of us, it is a mere reflection of where we have been. Experiment with thinking of the past as if you are looking into a rear-view mirror. You can recognize where you were, but if you focus too hard on that picture, you may very well lose sight of the present. From the family at This Should Help we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!


1 Comments to “Your Past is a Mere Reflection”

  1. Nabanita Ghosh says:

    Beautiful words of wisdom Sandra. :) Will apply. :)